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Eco Friendly- Vacuum Packaging
The brilliant idea that is, and will be even more environmentally friendly.
In 1986 Magniflex started using the vacuum-packing technique and was therefore ‘inventor ’ of one of the most innovative and practical packaging systems, and in this way, guaranteeing the hygienic state of the mattresses and their quality during transportation. Let’s try to imagine how many extra mattresses could be transported this way with this new, brilliant idea...and let’s calculate the reduced waste of fuel, cardboard and plastic for the packaging thanks to this new brilliant patent.

Different goals have been reached in one solution: optimization of the spaces, improved delivery timing and respect for the environment.

Vacuum Packing is the packaging method that has revolutionized the mattress world. Hygienic and safe, it has greatly improved the quality of the product, its transportation and consumer safety.

Characteristics of vacuum packing
+ It guarantees hygiene and easier for transportation.
+ Reduces the volume by 90%.
+ Material’s characteristics unchanged.
+ Back to shape.