Outlast fabric

Outlast is a material designed for astronauts' spacesuits, it's made of millions of small spheres which are made up of a special type of wax that melts at 36 degrees. The melting process, which starts due to a rise in body temperature, absorbs the excess heat and accumulates a part of it. When the temperature is stable and is under "melting point", the spheres consolidate releasing the energy accumulated in the form of heat.


Coolmax is a high performance fabric that utilizes innovative fibres, highly technological, leader in controlling body humidity. Thanks to its properties Coolmax offers an excellent regulating-control with both skin temperature and body hydration and it quickly removes the humidity released by the body during sleep. Coolmax dries more rapidly than any other fabrics and keeps the body dry and fresh.


Viscose is a soft, silky fabric made from purified cellulose from trees. It is extremely soft and silky and absorbs moisture rapidly, ensrring highly breathable mattresses and pillows


This pure cellulose yarn is ecological, healthy and is made from a careful mixture of timbers. It differs from other cellulose fabric due to the soft feel and its heat-regulating, odour-properties and its breathability.


Bamboo fibre is entirely covered with micro-slits to allow excellent air flow and moisture absorption,ensuring that the body is cool and dry during sleep. It is also extremely tough and long lasting.


Pure silver is a material with numerous benefical properties and it is used in producing fabrics that guarantees exceptional anti- bacterial and heat-regulating features, as well as excellent breathability.


Lavender essence is utilized in the textile field for its numerous beneficial properties. The properties of lavender essence is both sedative and balancing, moreover it favours the distension of the central nervous system. Applied to the fabric of the mattress, it makes it both hygienic and healthy.

Memoform Magnifoam

It gives an incomparable comfort.Thanks to the immediate reaction of this material to heat and pressure, Memoform Magnifoam follows perfectly the body outline, offering excellent support to the whole body and especially to the back. In a short time it regains its original shape and adapts to movements we make during the night without waking up.


Is the combination of two types of polyether, one that gives rigidity to the mattress, the other that improves resistance and non-deformability? The structure is made of microcells connected to each other so that the layer can “breathe” correctly and so makes the mattress hygienic, heat balanced and capable of absorbing and dispersing rapidly the body's humidity.

Magnigel Foam

Magnigel Foam is an innovative material that consists of a highly breathable, flexible gel. It is ecological, crushproof, and its high density structure makes it incredibly soft and comfortable. Magnigel Foam gives the mattress freshness and lightness so you feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud.


A material made of a microcell structure connected by capillaries expanded at a particularly high density that determines its soft consistency compared to polyurethane based materials. In combination with materials such as Memoform and Elioform, in the making of a mattress, it balances the need for softness and rigidity.

Internationally Certified


  • I would like to tell you that I am using duoform mattress and its comfortable. I will definitely recommend this mattress in my group.

    Harsha Tiwari

  • I am using duoform XS mattress from last two months and I am completely happy .

    Aditi malhotra

  • Thank you so much for your suggestion for the correct mattress; Orthocool. My slip disk problem is quite better now.

    Chandrakant Choudhari

  • I have purchased the magniflex mattress from you and i am finding it very comfortable to use. Would like to suggest it to my family and friends

    Rajendra Ahuja, Mumbai

  • I purchased Duoform XS mattress and earlier I was suffering from very bad back pain now I wake up very healthy

    Rahul Shah

  • I find the mattress extremely comfortable; it is soft but gives good support

    Yogesh Singh

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