Data sheet
  • Height                                      21 cm (8 inch)
  • Cover                                      Outlast
  • Warranty                                10 years
  • Certifications                          OEKO, Made in Italy, CE
  • Level of comfort                      Soft/Medium
  • Collection                                Fresh touch
  • Internal structure                   Memoform, Elioform, Eliosoft
  • Benefits                                Thermo-regulating, Extra comfort, Breathable, Embracing
  • Support                                  Medium soft
  • The 3 zone system offers support to your body, legs and shoulder
  • It is available with a practical cover that is removable and dry-cleanable
More Info

  • Outlast fabric
  • Padding in Memoform 2 cm
  • “Wave” Memoform 6 cm
  • “Wave” Elioform 6 cm
  • “Wave” Eliosoft 6 cm
Today’s hectic life with lots of stress, hyper tension, lack of proper sleep (Insomnia), back pain, spondylitis and related health issues, the need of the hour is to look for a mattress which provides relief from all the above and offers quality sleep and relaxation. It is necessary a person realizes that he needs a quality sleep in order to rejuvenate and feel fresh.

Magniflex, the luxury mattress brand is a renowned International brand, has a wide range of best quality foam mattresses present in 80 countries.Memory foam mattress is the best and most comfortable mattress for back pain. These mattresses are a generation ahead when compared to coir mattress, spring mattress, latex foam mattress. Our philosophy says that life is too beautiful to complain about problems and our mattresses assures that we take care of atleast 1/3 of your life thus making sure that you enjoy every phase of life be it marriage, love,sex, honeymoon, motherhood or even old retired life. it also assures that we gift a healthy future to our kids. These days customers have various needs which need to be answered In order to select a proper mattress,

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