1) I am using magniflex mattress from the past 2 years I feel very fresh when I wake up in the morning now, before I was suffering from backache but after using magniflex my back does not hurt anymore.

R selvarathnam, Standard group

2) Getting a good night's sleep is very important nowadays after a tiring day at work.I am using Magniflex mattress, The mattress is very comfortable as a result I am having a good sleep at night.

Himanshu Shah, Mumbai

3) I have purchased the magniflex mattress from you and i am finding it very comfortable to use. Would like to suggest it to my family and friends

Rajendra Ahuja, Mumbai

4) I purchased Magniflex mattress about 2 months ago and in the first few weeks my back has never felt better in many years until I purchased a bed from you and tried it. I can't believe the relief that I got from this mattress. I just love it and would purchase another one when and if this one ever wears out

Rahul Bhargava , Mumbai "

5) I purchased Duoform XS mattress and earlier I was suffering from very bad back pain now I wake up very healthy

Rahul Shah

6) I find the mattress extremely comfortable; it is soft but gives good support

Yogesh Singh

7) Finally getting good sleep-Get up well rested” I am glad I bought the XS mattress from Magniflex. The service provided by your team was instrumental in my purchasing your product.Right from sampling to purchase the service was great

Paramjit Singh Dhawan,New Delhi

8) I purchased Duoform XS mattress,I'm very much satisfied and would definitely recommend some of my colleagues and friends to purchase your company(magniflex) mattress

Swatantra Kumar, Mumbai

9) I took 1 Freshtouch mattress from your organization(Magniflex), both me and my daughter loves the softness and feel relaxed sleeping on the same. I would definitely recommend some of mine relatives

Alka Srivastava, Mumbai

10) I would like share my positive experience with Magniflex, I had purchased Duoform XM mattress in June, earlier I used to sleep on coir mattress but after using Magniflex mattress I can’t or I don't want to sleep on any other mattress.

Thanks to Magniflex for giving me comfortable sleep and I am sharing my experience with everybody who is looking for mattress.

Hitesh Patel ,Mumbai

11) I had purchased one mattress of Duoform XM of your esteemed company in Mumbai this month i.e. June,for the first time I had Invested in a mattress. But the experience is really awesome and really makes me feel that decision of buying mattress of your company was worth.

I would definitely recommend in fact I have even recommend some of my colleagues and friends to purchase mattress of your company.

Alok Srivastava , Mumbai

12) I Gulab Chandra Gupta had purchased your Fresh Touch mattress and Iam completely happy with my decision and the service given by your sales person was on time. I really recommend for your mattress to my relatives

Gulab Chadra Gupta

13) I Mr Samir Firasta have purchased Magniflex Mattress and by using the Magniflex Mattress I have had good results & very happy about the decision of buying your mattress. I would highly recommend your mattress to my contacts

Samir Firasta

14) I just wanted to say thank you for suggesting me to take Magniflex mattress. My previous coir mattress was only 2 years old and had already lost it's shape and firmer side. That coir mattress was not giving proper support to my body. For the past few months I had not been getting restful sleep and was waking up every morning stiff and achy. After the first night on the new mattress I got a great night of sleep, woke up refreshed. My wife had the same results. I have no problem endorsing your product and recommending for my family and friends.

I can't believe the relief that I got from this mattress. Thanks

Khasimvali (Bangalore)

15) This is to state that I had purchased a Duoform XS mattress about a year back and am extremely satisfied with its performance.Earlier I used to get back aches but after using this mattress it has completely stopped and I get a very peaceful nights sleep.

I would recommend this mattress to all my friends and associates.

Behram Khodaiji (Byculla,Mumbai)

Today’s hectic life with lots of stress, hyper tension, lack of proper sleep (Insomnia), back pain, spondylitis and related health issues, the need of the hour is to look for a mattress which provides relief from all the above and offers quality sleep and relaxation. It is necessary a person realizes that he needs a quality sleep in order to rejuvenate and feel fresh.

Magniflex, the luxury mattress brand is a renowned International brand, has a wide range of best quality foam mattresses present in 80 countries.Memory foam mattress is the best and most comfortable mattress for back pain. These mattresses are a generation ahead when compared to coir mattress, spring mattress, latex foam mattress. Our philosophy says that life is too beautiful to complain about problems and our mattresses assures that we take care of atleast 1/3 of your life thus making sure that you enjoy every phase of life be it marriage, love,sex, honeymoon, motherhood or even old retired life. it also assures that we gift a healthy future to our kids. These days customers have various needs which need to be answered In order to select a proper mattress,

The frequently asked queries would be viz:
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