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take care of your pillow

How to clean pillows? 5 Effective Ways To Take Care Of Your Pillow 

How painful to see a pimple on your face. Did you know dandruffs can also be the cause of a dirty pillow or your sweat on your hair scalp can be the beginning of bed bugs? 

Pillows come in direct contact with your face and hair, and an unattended and an unhygienic pillow can have an adverse effect on your wellness.

Good sleep is directly proportionate to good health and wellness. Pillows are part of your sleep essentials. It is utmost important to give them the same care and need as your mattress.

While we take utmost care in choosing the best cervical pillow, we most often neglect the care of such pillows. Homes have become places of work, rest, and leisure. We often look forward to lay down to relax our cervical muscles for a comfortable sleep. So why compromise on the right choice of buying them and giving the right care. 

Let us run you through 5 effective ways to take care of your pillow.

1. Fluff your Pillow daily:

There are three easy and do-it-yourself techniques to fluff up your pillow. 

  • Hand fluffing is the most common way of taking care of your pillow. This helps opens the foam inside allowing the movement of air circulation. Push the pillow from either side to push it in and out and massage your pillow in the centre to combine the shredded foam pieces inside of a pillow. 
  • Sundryis the easiest way to fluff pillow. The fresh air and sunlight will allow to naturally fluff them. You shall also get rid of any odour coming in from your pillow. This also inhibits the growth of bacterias. 
  • Using a dryer is also a quick way to fluff your pillow. To make it effective, use techniques of placing a tennis ball in your tube sock and place it along with the pillow in the dryer. The tennis ball bounces back and forth in the dryer and helps the pillow to fluff up. 
  • Not all pillows can be placed in the dryer. We request our readers to please run through the instruction manual to understand the pillow construction and material it’s made of. 

2. Wash pillow covers on regular interval: 

It’s personal hygiene to wash pillow covers once in two week. The pillow covers accumulate dirt, oil, dandruff, skincare products, and dead skin which become breeding ground for bacteria, fungus & dustmite. This can have an adverse effect on your facial skin & respiratory system. 

A pillow cover looks neat and clean with your naked eye, but it accumulates allergens, fungus, bacteria & dust mites which lead to blackheads, whiteheads, and sometimes skin rashes. 

3. Go for a pillow with dry cleanable cover : 

Check for the care label on your pillow or consult with the company you purchased at. If labelled as dry cleanable friendly, it is certainly safe to do it. Dry cleaning is another simple and effective way to remove the stains, foul smell and minute microbes stuck to your pillow. 

Simply cleaning the pillow cover is not sufficient; we suggest a few simple steps to dry cleaning pillows at home:

  • Ensure the usage of very mild detergent and cold water.
  • Wash it on a spin and rinse mode in your machine. 
  • Rinsing helps in removing excess water from the pillow. 
  • Dry your pillows thoroughly. Place them in an open place with enough air and sunlight. Toss and turn them every few minutes to ensure they dry evenly. 

4. Remove the stains instantly:

Stains on pillows are very common. While it’s easy to often wash the covers but not recommended to wash the pillows frequently. We recommend some of the tips to remove the stains. 

  • A mild stain can be removed with a mixture of soap and water. Damp the cloth with the solution and run over the pillow until clean. 
  • Vacuum clean them once a month for a clean look. 
  • A baking soda and detergent solution also works wonders in clearing off the oily stains if any. 
  • Make sure to sundry them to fluff them up. 

5. Use of pillow protectors: 

Pillow protectors are easy to use and eco-friendly. They are the best alternative to pillow covers. They come with anti-bacterial and anti-virus properties. It helps lock the moisture if any from passing on to your pillow, keeping the pillow dry. The pillow protectors can avoid the hassle of regular laundering of your pillows. 

Your room is your personal space. Keeping the mattress and pillow clean is vital to every house. Pillow needs are different for residential and hotels and so is the care.  Pillows with certified anti-bacterial, anti-dustmite and anti-allergy properties are considered as a best pillow for you & your family. Write to us to know more about the best cervical pillow to invest in and the right care that it needs.