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6 Best DIY Techniques Of Cleaning The Mattress

With dirt, mites, bacteria sitting on your mattress, your Diwali cleaning is incomplete. 

The age-old tradition of cleaning and purifying the house during the festive season of Diwali and Dussehra is important in Hinduism. The welcoming of Goddess Lakshmi is done in form of puja and hawan. Hence, every part of the house is clean and lit with Diyas, lamps, and Rangoli.

Cleaning or change of curtains, cushions, and couches takes place to bring in a new look and freshness in the house. While we take note of every aspect of Diwali cleaning in welcoming the goddess of wealth, we most often forget to clean our dear mattress in our bedroom. 

Yes! Diwali cleaning is incomplete without cleaning your mattress as most of the dust in the atmosphere does sit on the surface of your mattress. 

Why cleaning of the mattress is important and how it can be done during your festive season: 

Do you know mattresses are often deposits of dead skin, dandruff, sweat, tiny food particles, and hair. Apart from this, the mattress also accumulates dust particles that circulate around your bedroom. Magniflex’s mattresses are easy to maintain and dry cleanable as they come with zippers to facilitate easy cleaning. 

We bring to you some of the DIY techniques of cleaning the mattress this season: 

1. Vacuum Clean

Vacuum clean

Use a well-branded vacuum over the mattress to pull out the dust particles. Make sure vacuum is used only to dry clean. Remove the bedspreads and all the beddings above the mattress before the vacuum. Make sure to include your pillows to vacuum. Avoid the rolling brush as it may damage the mattress

2. Remove the spot stains and sweat stains

Stains on mattress

We often see food stains and dampness on some parts of the mattress. They are sweat stains over a period of time when not treated immediately. Experts recommend going with mattress which comes with zipper and removable cover can be dry cleaned without any hassle. Some experiments also prove that spraying hydrogen peroxide and allowing it to air dry remove the tuff stains. Do not add water or detergent over the mattress. This would dampen your mattress and would soon degenerate. 

3. Clean the urine marks left behind 

Urine marks

If your mattress has urine stains it leaves the mattress smelly and unpresentable. Spraying of solution mixed with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda over the marks and leaves it for a while. Post this it is recommend scrubbing them with a damp cloth using liquid detergent and patting them dry. 

Leave it open before your dry vacuum. Spray essential oil solution over the mattress to bring in freshness as before. 

4. Clean the blood stains of periods if any

Period stains

Most mattresses do have a mark of blood stains of periods. This is very natural and unavoidable situations. Experts recommend using mattress with water resistant mattress protectors during these times to avoid the stains reaching the mattress. Mattress experts suggest that making a paste of baking soda and warm water and applying them over the stains and allowing it to rest for some time can do the trick. Use a damp cloth to scrub them off and then run the dry vacuum over it to ensure the mattress is completely dry. 

5. Bring spa like freshness in your room

Essential oils

Your mattress also needs to breathe and smell fresh. Use some essential oils mixed with baking soda. Spray them over your mattress into the corners and on your pillow to bring in spa like feeling while you sleep on them. Baking soda also acts as a natural deodorant to your mattress. 

6. Flip and rotate your mattress while you clean them

Flip the mattress

An important tip while cleaning your mattress, just flip them over and dust them with dry vacuum. This not only ensures cleaning, but also maintains a healthy mattress. Avoids sinking and over usage of the mattress on just one side. 

We shall quickly discuss on why it is important to keep your mattress clean:

  • Get rid of mites and mould
  • Increase the life span of your mattress
  • Avoid itchiness and rashes
  • The sweat and oil stains welcome bacterial and fungal growth in the mattress. Regular cleaning them will avoid the growth of invisible foreign particles. 
  • Cleaning of mattress also improves the air quality in your room. Avoid breathing of stale and pungent air. 
  • Clean mattress improves the quality of skin and hair.  

Magniflex range of mattress which is 100% made in Italy is made of hypoallergenic fabric to naturally protect you from bacterial and fungal infections. 

Each of the mattresses is certified by international bodies and backed by certifications such as Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, OEKO TEX, and GOTS. 

Enjoy this Diwali and make your room as fresh and vibrant with our above tips and tricks of cleaning your mattress.