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Healthy food

8 Best Foods To Enhance Good Sleep

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything”

Sleep is the most important aspect of life for overall well being, yet often neglected by many of us. As per National Sleep Foundation guidelines, an average person requires 7 to 8 hours of sleep to perform better in their day to day life. Children and teens need to sleep better to boost their memory. 

Also an interesting fact here is that good sleep produces cytokines which help fight infection in the body and boost the immune system.

High levels of anxiety and stress can make sleep patterns difficult. This can cause insomnia or sleep apnea which affects mental and physical wellbeing. 

Having stated these, do we take it seriously? Can we promote sleep quality by changing lifestyle patterns? Can we include food that can help release better hormones to promote quality and restful sleep? Food can comfort your body and help relax your nervous system. Lifestyle changes like dinning early promotes good health and sound sleep.

Here is a list of top 8 best foods to be consumed as early dinner or before you go to bed for a restful sleep. 

1. Warm soup:

A warm soup of your choice can be a great comfort food. Vegetables or chicken added to the soup gives the body the sufficient nutrition. Soup can enhance quick digestion and can create hunger pangs. To avoid this make sure to add in small bites in your dinner plate, example toasted bread, or a bowl of Guacamole. (Made of Avocado which is high in fiber content) 

To keep it interesting and going for a long time, make sure you include this diet every alternative day of the week. 

2. Turmeric Milk: (popularly known as golden milk)

Turmeric has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. This is said to protect the heart. A warm cup of turmeric milk is said to relax the mind and body and enhances uninterrupted sleep. Turmeric milk can be had 30 minutes before going to bed. Rest assured you are protected from infections too!

3. Fish:

Yes! You heard it right. Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitiman D helps regulate serotonin in the body and this factor helps relax your mind and sleep better.  This helps reduce inflammation and protects your heart.  

A pan tossed or baked or grilled fish makes a good dinner. Fish can also be added to soup and enjoyed as a one pot healthy meal. 

Indian Salmon and sardine are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitiman D. Add fish to your diet 2 to 3 times a week for dinner. 

4. Chamomile Tea:

A herbal tea which is gaining importance is Chamomile Tea. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties protects the heart and also helps fight weight. If you suffer from fatigue and high anxiety, a cup of chamomile tea at the end of day can help relax your mind. 

Chamomile tea contacts apigenin, an antioxidant that relaxes your mind and promotes good sleep. 

So the next time do add a pack of this drink in your shopping list. 

5. Nuts: 

Nuts such as almonds, Walnuts, flax seeds release serotonin levels which boost sleep quality. A small quantity of nuts before sleep is a great option. Walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. It has similar properties as fish. A great source of vitamins and minerals for non meat lovers. High DHA levels in walnuts help produce serotonin which in turn promotes great sleep. 

So the next time kill your sweet cravings by taking a handful of nuts and drizzle some honey over it. An amazing and healthy alternative to high calorie desserts. 

6. Fruits such as Tart Cherries, Bananas and Kiwi: 

Recent studies have shown that Tart cherries and bananas are rich in antioxidants and release sleep promoting hormone called melatonin. Fruits like cherries and bananas are considered to repair body post workout and promote good sleep. These fruits also reduce inflammation in the body. 

7. Mushrooms: 

Mushrooms are considered to be a super food. Rich in antioxidants. Mushrooms contain 70% of water and are quick in digestion. Mushrooms boost your sleep due its presence of vitamin D and potassium. 

8. Dairy products such as Cottage cheese:

Dairy products are rich in lean protien which helps release tryptophan, an amino acid which promotes sleep. This is a great option for vegetarians who do not consume meat. Cottage cheese is also low in cholesterol which is an alternative to processed cheese.  

The list is sometimes endless. The above are the top and best food which has antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties which help relax your mind and body. Also make sure the key is to consume in small portions. Overdoing anything can have an adverse effect. Create a pattern of menu to make your dinner interesting.  

Before we end, another great tip to our readers, “An early dinner & a comfortable mattress is the reason for good health and sound sleep”