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mattress in good shape

8 Simple Tips to Keep Your Mattress in Good Shape in 2023

Buying a mattress is a long-term investment for a restful sleep. Most of us are guilty of not maintaining our mattresses and then blaming the quality of the mattress when it gets deformed. To keep it fresh always and assure that it remains in good shape & last longer, maintenance of the mattress is essential. Here are few simple tips which will help you to improve the life of your mattress:

1. Use waterproof mattress protector

It’s a soft cushiony outer cover which protects the mattress from stains, dust mite & micro-organisms. A waterproof hypoallergenic mattress protector protects the mattress from moisture & spillage which prevents the breeding of bacteria, mites and allergens, In return gives protection to the person sleeping on mattress from various allergies & skin issues.

2Keep on flipping and rotating the mattress

Mattress manufacturers always suggest to keep on rotating and flipping the mattress after every 2-6 months from top to bottom & head to toe to avoid depression.

3. Avoid sitting in one place 

We all are guilty of having a favorite side of the bed, where we often sit, have snacks, and sleep. Perpetually reclining on the same side of the bed is not healthy for the mattress as it may lose its shape at an early stage.

4. Let the natural light in

As sunlight is important for human beings, the same goes for mattresses too. If it doesn’t get enough sunlight then there are chances that mattress become vulnerable to bacteria, fungus & dust mite. So, to maintain your mattress make sure to remove the bed sheet for sometimes and keep the mattress in daylight for some hours.

5. Do not jump on the mattress 

We understand that it feels fun to jump on a fluffy mattress, but this can damage your mattress very badly, especially if it’s a spring mattress. Jumping on a spring mattress can damage the coils but this is not the case with memory foam mattress as it get back original shape immediately.

6. Buy a mattress with dry cleanable cover

 There are many instances when we spill coffee, and a stain occurs on the bedsheet, and the bad news is your mattress also gets stained along with it. No one would want the mattress to be full of stains and dirty. So, to counter such a situation, it’s always better to buy mattresses that come with removable cover which can be dry-cleaned.

7. Move your mattress carefully 

When you toss and turn your mattress, make sure you handle it carefully because, in the process of rotating it, if it’s folded excessively, the coils may get damaged in spring mattress. So, better to go for memory foam mattress as it is light in weight & easy to handle.

8. Follow manufacturer maintenance directions

Many premium mattress brand would supply maintenance manual during purchase, if not make sure, you ask the manufacturer about the do’s and don’ts to be adhered to, when to change the mattress etc.

These pointers are reasonably easy to follow; you need to inculcate them in your daily routine. Change your bed sheets regularly; sometimes allow the sunlight on your mattress. These are the basic habits that keep a mattress healthy. Even the best quality mattresses go bad if not maintained properly. Maintenance plays a crucial role in mattresses, so we hope these tips must be followed for the best experience.