The Origins

In the sixties, Giuliano Magni created his first mattresses in a small workshop in Prato, Italy. It was the start of a revolution: the craft skills of Prato, the world capital of fabrics, were combined with new ideas about sleep and wellbeing.

Since then, we have provided over 50 million people with peaceful sleep, thanks to models and solutions designed to meet our customers need for comfort, relaxation and health. Over the years, Magniflex has become a byword for comfort and wellbeing, presenting products that are the result of a passion for research and innovation shared by everyone who works for the company. We have over sixty years of experience, thanks to our major investments in research, design and the development of cutting edge production systems

Magniflex Today

The company is present across the globe in 100 international markets with showrooms in Florence, Milan, New York, Tokyo, Cyprus, Singapore, Dubai, Prague, Kiev and Moscow. A youthful, resolute management team are following the path laid out by the president Giuliano Magni with an entrepreneurial approach that is deeply rooted in tradition but has an increasingly global strategy Over 60 years of history and over 100 products (a complete range of products including mattresses, bed frames, pillows and sleep accessories). 10,000 mattresses are produced every day. Over 35 million people worldwide sleep on a Magniflex mattress. Magniflex exports its products to 98 countries.

Partnership with Polyflex

In 2010, Magniflex partnered with Polyflex an Indian conglomerate to launch the first of its kind technologically certified and advanced feature mattress in India, a concept which was unheard in Indian market at that time . its partnership with Polyflex ensured that a new market was developed through dealers , distributors , interior designers and project managers for technologically advanced mattresses . Extensive efforts were made to make the consumers aware of importance of sleeping on a right mattress for their overall health benefit and not looking at it as the last things on preference. Magniflex was the first mattress company in India which established mattress as the essential lifestyle element of today’s generation.

In India, stocks are available across various distribution centers for effective & In-time delivery. For the Indian customer, the mattresses are designed & developed based on Indian backs with thorough research done over several years to ensure flawless comfort. Magniflex products offer the liberty for customization to suit every size & shape of bed in India. Today we are the market leader of the premium category of mattresses in India and boost an extensive reach in most part of India .