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About Antibacterial mattress

All You Need To Know About Antibacterial & Antiviral Mattress and Benefits of Those

Maintaining proper sleep hygiene is very significant for our health. The quality of sleep is determined by various factors and one of the important factors is the quality of the mattress. People tend to use the same mattress years after years without considering whether the mattress is hygienic or not.

The internal structure of the mattress can be destroyed by moisture, sweat, and microscopic bacteria. Sleeping on such a mattress can lead to various kinds of health conditions and skin allergies. Buying an antibacterial mattress with a high-quality mattress cover is an ideal choice if you want to sustain ultimate sleep hygiene for the sake of your family’s well-being. 

There has been a change in consumer behavior and the choices they make while choosing a suitable mattress. Right from the type of the mattress, its height and density, and the level of firmness to the quality of material used to make it safe to sleep on are highly considered by today’s consumers.

The combination of art and technology has brought a whole new revolution in making the mattress that suits the generation considering the fact that most people above the age of 30 are prone to back and muscular pain. 

We shall detail here how Magniflex innovated a range of award-winning anti-bacterial mattresses which are orthopedic, 100% made in Italy, and certified internationally is winning the hearts of millions across the globe. 

Significance of Choosing Anti-bacterial Mattress:

Dust mites are the microscopic spiders that find your mattress the ideal spot for the breed. Since the mattress soaks moisture from sweating and it stays warm, these microscopic mites find perfect conditions for growth and existence in quilted cloth, the interior of the mattresses, duvets, and mattress clinchers. A person sheds half a kilogram of dead skin per year when they sleep and this offers a good source of food for the dust mites. 

As per WHO, dust mites release a protein-like substance that has a carcinogenic effect on the human body. Again, this protein is an allergen and can also cause asthma problems. As per the scientific data, 50-80% of asthma cases are provoked by dust mites. Apart from dust mites, you also share your mattress with various fungi and moulds like Cladosporium, Alternaria, Aspergillus, etc. These objects further trigger severe allergic reactions.

Sleeping on these mattresses can be very bad for human health, especially for children. Kids may develop conjunctivitis, rash, eczema, and dermatitis by sleeping with dust mites on a mattress. Some vital symptoms of an allergic reaction may include a runny or stuffy nose, red eyes, coughing, sinus pain, headache, sneezing, itching, fever, and sore throat. In this case, the anti-bacterial mattress can be the ultimate choice to consider. Let’s know why

1. Prevents Dust-Mites Growth: 

The anti-bacterial mattress is exclusively designed to prevent the growth of dust mites and other microscopic bacteria. The unique composition material keeps the mattress dry and stops the dust mites from getting inside the mattress cover. The inner structure of the anti-bacterial mattress has an unfavorable design for the survival of dust mites. 

2. Superior Fabric Quality: 

The outer fabric of the anti-bacterial mattress has viscose fabric embedded with silver ions. Silver is known to have effective hypoallergenic properties that protect the purity and hygiene of your bedding. The silver embedded fabric ensures active protection against various household allergens including dust mites. On the other hand, high-quality viscose fabric has extreme absorption qualities and its super-silky texture further provides optimum comfort. 

3. Washable: 

To ensure better sleep hygiene, a high-quality anti-bacterial mattress further comes with a mattress cover made of excellent silky textile. The fabric of the outer mattress cover also has hypoallergenic properties and its exclusive qualities include skin-friendliness. This cover usually has a zipper for easy removal and washing. This anti-bacterial mattress allows you an extra opportunity to maintain the optimum hygiene of your bedding. 

4. Odourless: 

One of the additional qualities of an anti-bacterial mattress is odourlessness. This offers an extra refreshing feeling while sleeping. It has a 3D breathable band that allows better air circulation without trapping smell. Since the mattress prevents the growth of the mites and keeps the bedding dry, there is no scope for developing a kinky smell that irritates one’s mood.

Benefits of Choosing Choosing Anti-bacterial Mattress

1. Value for Money: 

While the survival quality of a regular mattress gets declines by the invasion of dust mites, in the case of the anti-bacterial mattress, the quality ensures long-term endurance. Due to its hypoallergenic qualities and super hygienic attributes, an anti-bacterial mattress proves to be a decent value for money.

Instead of spending a lot on the new mattress replacement, you can use an anti-bacterial mattress for a longer period of time without worrying about the hygiene factors. The first-time purchase of an anti-bacterial mattress may be costly but the quality will undoubtedly value its worth. 

2. Maximum Sleep Hygiene: 

This is the most exclusive benefit of choosing an anti-bacterial mattress. Sleep hygiene is a determinant factor to ensure wholesome living. Sleep is a natural healing process and it should not be bothered by the incursion of dust mites or other harmful microscopic agents lurking in the mattress layers.

Sleeping on an anti-bacterial mattress ensures complete well-being to a person’s health as well as skin. Due to its hypoallergenic properties and odorless, the sleeper can repose peacefully and enjoy deep sleep. 

3. Skin Friendly: 

Sleeping on an antibacterial mattress is also beneficial for your skin. People often get pimples on their faces and allergic lumps on their bodies even after practicing a decent skincare regime. The problem may be sourced from the feces and allergen fluid emitted by the dust mites in your mattress. Sounds really disgusting right? However, an antibacterial mattress doesn’t cause any allergic reactions and keeps your skin non-irritated. 

4. Useful All Year Around

The extreme endurance capacity and anti-dust mite quality make the antibacterial mattress useful all year round. Moreover, these types of mattresses are very easy to maintain. All you have to do is frequently wash the outer layer of the mattress and steam/blow wash the mattress exterior once a year. 

5.  Body hug feel and comfort

An Orthopedic mattress that most often uses memory foam in the layers provides the right kind of firmness and cushioning to the body. It distributes the weight of the body evenly without any pressure points exerted on the back and spinal regions.

6. Helps you Stretch and Relax

An orthopedic mattress by Magniflex helps dissipate pressure points and allows your back to gently stretch even while you are in deep sleep. The mattresses are made of patented memory foam called memo form technology that provides optimum orthopedic support to the entire spinal and skeleton structure. 

7. Promotes deep sleep

An uninterrupted sleep all night leads to productive and positive days. That’s exactly what an orthopedic mattress does to your body. It provides the right firmness to the body allowing you to rest without frequently turning and twisting due to numbness in the body. 

Also, experts recommend sportsmen, and people with muscular jobs choose orthopedic mattresses over a regular and traditional mattress for their enhanced sleeping patterns

8. Technologically advanced range of mattresses

With a combination of art and science and an understanding of the need of different bodies, Magniflex infused the finest of technology into each of their masterpieces. The range of orthopedic mattresses offers the following features: 

  • Flip the mattress over for either medium-firm to firm feel and comfort
  • Enjoy the comfort of a soft and firm mattress on the same side for couples with different sleeping needs
  • Track your sleep data and improve the quality of sleep
  • Ergonomic design with different variations helps relax the tendons and is best suited for cervical pains. 
  • Natural and organic fabric to provide you with optimum comfort. 

A Compact Guide To Choose Antibacterial Mattress:

Choose The Right Mattress Type:

If you are looking for the best anti-bacterial mattress on the market, we suggest you go for mattresses made with cooling gel-infused memory foam. Superior quality memory foam mattress offers solid anti-bacterial resistance to the awful dust mites and also offers maximum sleeping comfort. Unlike traditional memory foam, cooling gel-infused open-cell memory foam allows proper air circulation keeping the bedding cool and relaxing. Moreover, memory foam offers maximum sleep comfort by accurately contouring the body of the sleeper. 

Pick The Right Size:

While buying an anti-bacterial mattress, remember that the range of mattresses is available in all types of sizes- King Single, Super King, King, Double, Single, Long Single, and Queen. Also, make sure to choose the right hardness of the mattress on the basis of your usual sleeping posture and weight. 

Make Sure The Mattress Has an Outer Cover:

To make sure that your mattress offers an extra hygiene layer and anti-bacterial protection, always buy an anti-bacterial mattress that comes with a removal mattress cover. By washing it occasionally, you can sustain the maximum cleaning of your bed setting. 

Inspect The Mattress Properly:

To ensure the mattress you are buying has the all ideal qualities and the anti-bacterial feature, consider reading the mattress brochure thoroughly. You can also look for the company’s logo to judge authenticity. Also make sure that your mattress cover has the industry labels that imply the important mattress characteristics including hypoallergenic fabric, washable, anti-bacterial/anti-dust mites, etc. 

Choose Magniflex’s Anti-Bacterial Mattress Range:

If you are looking for the best-in-class quality anti-bacterial mattress at the most reasonable price, you can consider the anti-bacterial mattress range of Magniflex. The exclusive mattress series by Magniflex incorporates all the superior features discussed above and ensures all the comfort and conveniences that can certainly uplift your sleep experience. To know more visit- Magniflex mattress

If you are still suffering from the old and traditional mattress or the mattress that gives you allergies & other health problems, it’s time to consider an anti-bacterial mattress to enjoy the above benefits. The above benefits of an antibacterial mattress have been discussed in detail and we hope that this article helps you decide and choose health over the discomfort and poor health. Connect with us at www.magniflexindia.com and fix a meeting with our sleep expert to know more.