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Armonia Mattress

Adapting to every shape and every movement

Armonia Memoform Dual offers countless options for you to customize the comfort level to suit your individual needs. Simply replace the inner topper and you’ll instantly have a different comfort level. The toppers are available in the following materials: Magnigel, Memoform, Latex and Elioform. In addition, the mattress features our patented Dual Core technology, which allows couples to choose the preffered comfort with a quick zip and flip. All of which in 30 cm of height.


30 cm (12 Inch)

Fabric Outlast / Viscose
Comfort Level Medium Firm / Firm
Product Benefits Dual Core technology, Thermo-regulating, Extra Comfort, Embracing, Medium Support
Internal Structure Memoform padding 2 cm, padding in super soft fibre, Eliosoft 10 cm, Elioform 10 cm, Removable Memoform topper 6 cm
Warranty 12 years
Certifications OEKO-TEX®, MADE IN ITALY

Dual Core Technology

Dual Core Technology, which divides the mattress into two cores, providing two different types of support.The versatility of the product line makes it suitable for different physiques and ensures harmonious rest even to people with widely assorted comfort requirements.The internal core in Eliosoft and Elioform offers either a Soft or a Firm comfort depending on your preference


Outlast Fabric

Outlast is a material that was originally designed for astronaut space suits. This absorbs extra heat and allows maximum comfort in hot or cold weather.

Viscose Fabric

Viscose is a soft fabric made from purified tree cellulose that absorbs moisture ensuring a highly breathable mattress.


The Composition

Built with an internal core of Eliosoft and Elioform wave, and a patented Dual Core technology that divides the mattress into two cores, the mattress is an epitome of extra comfort. Along with thermo-regulating properties, this is sleep reimagined.

Mattress Height :

30 cms (12" thick)

Warranty :

12 years


Ergonomic & Orthopedic

Armonia mattresses are curated and engineered with patented designs to support your back with the best sleep. The Orthopaedic mattress is designed to comfort the spine’s natural curves and to keep the spine in alignment.



Magniflex brings nature to your room. The Natural wood fabric as the topmost and the bottom-most part of the mattress ensures high air circulation and makes the mattress highly breathable. Enjoy a new age sleep therapy with Magniflex Eco Paedic mattress


Thermo Regulating

Finest rare fibres that keep you warm during winter & cool during summer.

Hypoallergenic Fabric​

Hypoallergenic Fabric

One mattress that comes with many qualities, highly recommended by the orthopedics, fabrics that are hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, and anti-dustmite treated makes you sleep deeper every night. Safe for adults and children for all skin types.


Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Dustmite

With anti-dustmite, anti-bacterial treated covers one can ensure safe and hygienic sleep. Made with patented material Magniflex ensures odorless, easy to clean, and easy to maintain Eco Paedic Mattress.


Washable and Removable Covers With Zipper

Eco Paedic mattress comes with a removable zipper to make it dry cleanable friendly. Maintain the hygiene of your mattress and bring in freshness all night.

Armonia Mattress

Using the wrong mattress can expose you to health and posture-related problems that are likely to pose other major problems. It is extremely important to use the right mattress to ensure that you are not prone to any kind o health-related risks. These include back pain, snoring or spine-related deformities. Use a soft mattress to reap the comfort it offers and the health-related support it provides. 

This all combines to give you a restful sleep at night. Being a busy individual, it is extremely important for you to rest well at night. You need comfort mattress. Consider using an Armonia mattress. This special kind of mattress would feel like butter on your skin and is power packed with all the health-related benefits. Making it extremely crucial to give it a try.

Dual comfort mattress

A dual comfortable mattress consists of two layers of support. It uses two layers of foam to give you that extra soft and cosy feel throughout the night. No matter what kind of mattress you use, we bet it is not as smooth and comfortable as a dual comfort mattress. The main reason behind it is that most mattresses consist of a single foam sheet which is just as complimentary for softness. But not with this special mattress.

If you are a side sleeper, then it is likely that you are exposing your pressure points that are being exploited due to a hard mattress. Using this dual comfort mattress, you can give your pressure points great massage therapy.

This all combines to give you a restful sleep at night. Being a busy individual, it is extremely important for you to rest well at night. You need comfort mattress. Consider using an Armonia mattress. This special kind of mattress would feel like butter on your skin and is power packed with all the health-related benefits. Making it extremely crucial to give it a try.

Comfort bed mattress for sleeping

Mattresses are based upon many factors. These factors include sleeping pattern, body weight, right and overall body composition. If you are more of a physical worker, then you would need an orthopaedic mattress to massage your pressure points and give you that sense of rest that you demand at night. Also, if you are posture deformed, it would be good to go for an orthopaedic mattress if you wish to go for a softer mattress. Then you should look for an Armonia mattress because it has double foam built in that helps in providing the ideal comfort that is required for sleeping peacefully.

This kind of special mattress has countless options for making your night peaceful and all. Having a comfort bed mattress will ensure it acts as a cushion for all kinds of major joints of your body and strengthens your sleep cycle so that you can sleep without any pain or spine-related ache.

Why should I Sleep in comfort mattress?

A comfortable mattress will provide you with the ideal support and comfort that is optimal for sleeping and resting well. While maintaining the body’s natural posture and spinal alignment. This helps in greatly improve the quality of sleep. People who are used to sleeping on hard surfaces are more likely to face posture-related problems. This is because these surfaces are believed to provide the best back support. But it is not so. You should sleep on a comfortable mattress to ensure your spine is rested comfortably and you don’t have to go through any problems that may deprive your posture.

That is why you should always prefer to sleep in comfort mattress. One such mattress you can try is the Armonia mattress. It will give you immense comfort along with premium health.

Why Armonia Mattress is the most comfortable mattress in India

The Armonia Mattress, named one of India’s most comfortable mattresses, combines the best of patented memory foam to create an unbelievably soft and comfortable sleeping experience with support you can rely on night after night to keep your spine aligned and your muscles relaxed as you sleep.Don’t settle for anything less than the most comfortable mattress! See why consumers like you are calling the Armonia mattress their favourite bedtime companion.

For those of us who have trouble sleeping, the Armonia mattress is a godsend. It’s softer than a typical mattress but still provides excellent support, so you can get a good night’s sleep. Plus, it’s made with natural materials that will keep your mattress feeling like new for many years to come.

Armonia is the most comfortable mattress in India. It provides you with a sleeping experience that is both luxurious and relaxing. With a layer of comfort foam, it gives you the best sleep possible. Plus, this mattress comes with a 12-year warranty, which ensures its quality and durability.