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Have you ever wondered why you wake up with rashes on the skin, acne, watery eyes, and a runny nose? Or why do you feel itching on skin or throat irritation the whole day despite having completed eight hours of sleep? Well, don’t be surprised, but this can be due to the lousy mattress that you have. 

Let us take you through some shocking facts about these allergies.

On average, an adult spends 8-10 hours of his/her day on the mattress. While sleeping, a person sheds 1-1.5 grams of skin, which becomes a breeding ground for dust mites & molds. So, when you sleep, your skin comes in contact with these dust mites and causes allergic reactions or other skin problems. 

Just imagine inhaling these dust mites living in your pillow & mattress throughout the night, giving an invitation to health problems like coughing, asthma & wheezing. Let’s enhance our understanding of these health issues due to mattresses.

Major health issues that can happen if you are using the wrong mattress 


Acne is a widespread skin problem in many humans & one of the significant causes of acne is a dirty pillow & mattress full of dust mites & bacteria, which causes acne by clogging your skin pores. 

Runny Nose

Many people wake up with runny nose & watery eyes. You might be thinking that cold is the main reason for getting a runny nose, but the main culprit is the allergens & dust mites present on your mattress.

Skin Rashes and Allergy

Skin rashes and allergy is the primary cause of having a wrong mattress on your bed, which gives you a bad experience in your life. The mattress material provides shelter to several viruses and bacteria to give you skin allergies and rashes. 

Lung and throat irritation

Naturally, the dust gets accumulated on a mattress very fast when you are asleep. You may inhale this dust, which can cause problems like asthma, throat irritation & breathing issues.

Weak immune system

Since mattresses are prone to mites, bacteria, and dust, these are contaminants and may get into your body, causing many health problems, in short making you vulnerable to a lot of health problems. These contaminants also hamper the immune system’s ability to fight the bacteria, thereby weakening your immune system. 

What is the solution to these issues? 

Who would know that mattresses can cause you these problems? But this is the truth.

However, It is impossible to eradicate these dust mites, but you can go for an anti-allergy mattress that comes with a zipper So that you can remove the cover & dry clean it on a regular basis. Also, you can buy mattresses that are designed with the best quality certified anti-bacterial & anti-dustmite properties that resist the bacteria to get into the mattress. 

If there will be no room for the dust mites growth on the mattress, it will reduce their count, and you will have a healthy sleep.