2020: good resolutions for well-being

When a new life cycle begins, such as at New Year, it is always wise to draw a balance of what has been, but even more importance to work out your future path and set objectives for yourself. Having a purpose – or at least a direction – acts as a compass and allows you to focus your efforts and intentions on something you really desire.

This is why, in 2020, it will be essential to take a good look inside yourself and discover what you really want, and to dare by setting ambitions objectives for yourself, starting with your personal well-being.

Below, we have provided some suggestions, trying to combine the new trends in wellness with the most common aspirations and needs.

The importance of water: Blue Wellness

“Being near, in, on, or underwater can make you happier”, according to Wallace J. Nichols in his bestseller Blue Mind, which is only a few years has not only sold millions of copies but has raised and spread awareness of how water can improve our brain health, athletic performance and deep serenity. Hydration, floating, sensory baths, bathing, beaches, rivers, lakes and swimming can all foster a new, healthy rapport with this natural element. Activating our Blue Mind (in other words, developing the conditions for an “aquatic mind” as described in the book), which is calm and ready for creative ideas can be a magnificent objective for 2020.

Breathing is the key

A new year and a new way of breathing, more completedeeper and definitely more conscious. The damages caused by incorrect breathing are now scientifically proven, but we do not always realize the benefits of physiological breathing. 2020 can be the right year for paying attention to the way in which we breathe, and totally changing our approach to life by acquiring a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. The book to read is certainly The science of respiration, by the champion of apnea, Mike Maric.

Well-being within

Deep technological awareness, this inseparable combination is the basis of what some experts forecast will be a well-being trend in 2020: the health of genital organs. Deep oxygenation, specific gymnastics, a specific diet, natural undergarments, ultra-delicate detergents but also wearable devices and dedicated apps; these are the instruments that will help to regenerate our most intimate well-being.
Also for this trend, we naturally have some reading recommendations. Here is the text suited for women, and here is the one ideal for men.
Excellent inspiration for defining a personal objective! ????

The revenge of the rubbish DNA

Thanks to the long dedication of Joe Dispenza, a new concept of DNA is now becoming more and more widely known. While we all thought that DNA was unshakable and unchangeable (for some a stroke of good luck, a disaster for others), today we are aware that it might be possible to interact with DNA by activating or deactivating processes and functions. Not only; everything can be regenerated if we succeed, with patience, commitment and perseverance, to take a close look inside ourselves and even have a dialogue with our DNA itself. In this new awareness of the world linked to deoxyribonucleic acid, referred to as “rubbish DNA“, (about 73% of the entire genetic heritage), seems to play a primary role, going from being a useless, non-coding residue to a resource in its own right with virtually unlimited potential.
A further journey to “unblock” the DNA might be an ambitious objective, but certainly an emotional one.

However, there is one objective which simply must be reached whether we are talking about a mere target for health or well-being, or whether we simply want to enjoy 2020 whatever comes. What’s this objective? Well, to sleep better! That’s why there is Magniflex!

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