5 things which make this Diwali a bliss

The divine event of Diwali is near already but the festive spirit is lacking somewhere. The obvious reason is we all are busy complaining over that fact that Pandemic has ruined all the plans and happiness for the year 2020. However, instead of mourning over the current scenario, what about being a little more optimistic? Yes! There are certain points that will change the way of thinking keeping disappointment aside! Keep on reading to know the five unique reasons that make this Diwali a bliss! 

No Money Crunch

Unlike the previous years, this Diwali will save you a lot of money. Due to the compliance of COVID-19 protocol, people will be mandated to stay at home as much as possible. This will exclude the need for excessive shopping habits and eventually, it will result in a huge saving on your pocket! While in the last year, you might have felt your pocket lighter after the celebration of Diwali, this year you will not face a money crunch situation at all!

Good For The Environment-

Due to COVID-19 protocol, social gatherings will be strictly prohibited and this simply suggests less lighting of firecrackers. It is apparent from the past records that due to the immense Diwali celebration with Firecrackers, the level of air pollution gets doubled and it further generates overcast results in the Northern region of India. This year, a pandemic is most likely to control the level of pollution that will be extremely beneficial for the environment. Again no purchasing of firecrackers will be good for your pocket as well. So this is a bonus advantage that comes along with it!

Peaceful Surrounding For Animals

Due to extreme lighting of Firecrackers during Diwali, the surrounding becomes uneasy for the poor animals, especially dogs. The lighting of firecrackers not only pollutes the air, but it deliberately creates a lot of noise pollution that severely affects the eardrums of animals. In Diwali, people tend to forget that they share the planet with other creatures as well and ignorantly indulge in activities that can harm the lives of animals. Thankfully, this Diwali will bring relief to these speechless animals and birds with less fire cracking and pollution. Isn’t it reasonable? 

No post-celebration Illness-

During the typical events of Diwali, people lose the track of eating and binge into goluptious dishes. This reckless eating pattern during the excuse of occasion later cost them with stomach issues and other post-celebration illness. This significantly reduces the working potential and promote inactivity after the hardcore celebration. Nevertheless, this Diwali will be peaceful from the start to the end. The fear of COVID-19 exposure will control your impetuous eating and it will definitely keep your stomach and body healthy and fit! 

Wholesome Time with Family-

Last but not least, the fifth blissful logic of this Diwali is that you will get ample time to take rest and enjoy a quality time with your family. Unlike previous years, where we make plans with friends, literally forgetting about having a family reunion, this Diwali will not let that happen. You can enjoy the ultimate comfort of being home while enjoying wholesome moments and home-made healthy foods with your family and relatives. 

Wrapping up!

There is no denying the fact that this Diwali is going to be the exceptional one as there will be less pollution as well as less expense. It will be peaceful for animals and healthier for the surrounding. People will suffer from less post-celebration illness and most importantly, you will be getting enough time for resting and having a lovely family time. So, appreciate this unique opportunity and let’s celebrate a secure Diwali together!

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