8 Refreshing Ways Of Parenting In A Covid Pandemic

The year 2020 saw a series of spontaneous changes to which our children were most vulnerable. They quickly got accustomed to online education, social distancing, and home quarantines.  Parents adapted to these changes very well and discovered new routines to bring about work-life balance.  

As we still continue to battle the second wave, nurturing care and love to the child is no compromise for the betterment of their physical and mental wellbeing.

In the blog, we bring to you some tips on parenting during the Covid pandemic.  

1. Decide on a fun time:

The families are together during the pandemic. Break the monotonous and routine atmosphere by adding some fun to your lifestyle. Pick a time slot from your day and dedicate it to indulge in activities with your child. Some of these activities can get you closer to your child. 

  • Play an educative game to enjoy taking challenges together
  • Bake a cake together. You never know, you will discover a hidden talent of your child 
  • Add some workout sessions someday. Children love music and dance. Fix an online Zumba class and tap your toes together 
  • Join in to complete a school project together


Increased screen time can harm your child’s back and affect eyesight. Make sure you provide them with the right mattress and pillow to avoid sleep deprivation in them

2. Limit  online classes: 

There is a sudden surge of start-ups in online education and fun activities. Too many options and you feel you do not want your child to be left behind. Well, you are not alone in this thought process. Enroll your child in an activity where you feel they need to improve and allow your child to choose one activity that he/she would like to pick up. 

They will look forward to attending the class and by keeping it limited you restrict their screen time too!

3. Educate kids on India and its heritage: 

Yes! Why not? Children in our country must know how deep-rooted our culture and heritage are. School imparting the same education is more on a formal note. Children of all age groups love stories. Parents can plan activities, speak of family traditions and the history of our country through stories, books, and movies. Make time to speak of your family tree. Trust, this gives them the thrill to discover their past generations.

4. Manage emotions and behaviour:

A restrictive environment can have an adverse effect on a child. Throwing tantrums and picking up habits that never existed can often bother you. Expect such behavioral issues and respond gently. There is a disruption in routine in their life. Increased anxiety, worries, nightmares, difficulty in sleeping, and meltdowns are commonly seen. 

Address them by identifying a separate space of their own where they can work and relax. Make their space cozy by using colorful blankets and pillows. For smaller kids make a tent in their room with toys and books. Provide them with a mattress for spine support.  This way you can keep insomnia at bay. 

5. Bring in awareness: 

Talk to your children about the reality of the Covid Pandemic. Educate them about the virus, its effects, and how to battle the same. Speak about the remedies used in treating the same. 

Your child may sound scared or even confused; however, assure them you are with them. By doing this, the child consciously makes an effort and gives importance to self-hygiene and would also be helpful towards the family. 

6. Yoga and Gardening time: 

Begin your day with your child before you get into the household chores. 30 minutes of yoga and breathing exercise will bring in discipline and health awareness. Talk to them about how yoga improves the stamina of your body and helps you grow stronger. Increased stamina can improve your body’s immunity to fight infection like covid. This way your child gets to understand the importance of exercise. 

7. Stay Calm and positive:

We are living in an era of meeting work deadlines, homeschooling, running a household, and making entertainment in a closed atmosphere. We often tend to lose calm. The situation outside our home can be disturbing. This is the time to stay strong and positive in front of your children. Teach them that every situation is not the same. Address their fears and assure them of their safety. 

8. Take care of yourself: 

It is important to structure your day and keep a healthy routine. You are the pillar of the family and your health is of utmost importance. Make sure you get enough sleep to handle the next day’s chores. Sleep on a mattress that supports your lower back enough.Also, If you are pregnant then there are special mattresses for pregnant women available in the market. 

A good night’s sleep fills you with positive energy and helps you cope up with the next day’s routine. 

“While we try to teach children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about” – Angela Schwindt

Make the most of the time with your children and nurture them with love and care. The time spent with children is worth every second.

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