Airyform: sturdiness and breathability in the points of support

A word has become popular over the last few years as one of the most searched terms in the vocabulary of sleep-related products. That word is Airyform, which is synonymous with quality of sleep, starting with its “breathability” and freshness.


Making the air circulate in mattresses and pillows as a challenge between necessity and technical difficulty

In order for air to circulate and dissipate the moisture that builds up in mattresses and pillows, providing a sensation of freshness and wellbeing, it is necessary to perform a treatment that can create the “infrastructures” through which the air can pass. Holes, “bubbles” and grooves, though, need to be formed so that they do not affect the degree of support provided by the mattress. It is, therefore, a delicate balance that is difficult to attain if we don’t have the necessary and specific know-how.


Airyform: the “magic” holes that let the air pass-through

Airyform is the name of a special manufacturing process that, through a set of calibrated holes, ensures the mattress’ sturdiness and channels the air into the pillows and through the layers that form the mattresses. Many of Magniflex’s pillows are made using this process and thanks to Airyform, many of Magniflex’s lines of mattresses guarantee a fresh and dry sleeping experience.


The importance of breathability in mattresses and pillows

To function properly, the body dissipates energy via a process known as “thermogenesis”, which in normal rest conditions is the result of the basal metabolic rate. One of the mechanisms with which the body produces heat is evaporation, which takes place through every single part of the skin. Consequently, it is easy to understand how a process that is able to guarantee the dissipation of humidity through the air is ideal for producing mattresses and pillows that are fresh and do not develop mould.

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