India’s first anti-bacterial Mattress by Magniflex and its benefits

Anti bactrial

There has been a change in consumer behavior and the choices they make while choosing the suitable mattress. Right from the type of the mattress, its height and density, and the level of firmness to the quality of material used to make it safe to sleep on is highly considered by today’s consumers.

The combination of art and technology has brought a whole new revolution in making the mattress that suits the generation considering the fact that most people above the age of 30 are prone to back and muscular pain. 

We shall detail here how Magniflex innovated a range of award-winning anti-bacterial mattresses which are orthopedic, 100% made in Italy and certified internationally is winning the hearts of millions across the globe. 

In addition, a quick sneak peek into what is an antibacterial mattress and how it takes care of your health and safety. 

Magniflex range of Orthopedic mattresses are Hypoallergenic which inhibits bacterial, fungal & dustmites growth and maintain world-class hygiene.The unique combination of hypoallergenic fabric and silver ions in the mattress makes it free from any bacterial and fungal infections preventing dust mites and mould from penetrating into the surface of the mattress. Each mattress is treated with anti-bacterial & anti-fungal technology to ensure its free from fungal and bacterial growth.  

1. Get rid of the allergies

No more rashes, redness, or puffed eyes when you wake up as Magniflex mattresses are anti-allergic

2. No acne and pimples

A good and clean mattress also promotes healthy facial skin. The facial skin is as sensitive as possible and requires a cleaner and neat surface to rest on. A Hypoallergenic treated mattress cover service the right purpose. 

3. Avoid Itchy and sweaty body

A carefully chosen natural material like viscose fabric forms the outer layer of the mattress. The silver ions are proven to be an important property to protect the mattress from the growth of bacteria. Viscose is made of natural tree extracts that help maintain the temperature of the body allowing you to have clean and dry sleep and its silky textures provide great comfort.

4. Keeps dandruff at bay

Clean, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal-treated pillows and mattress keeps the scalp clean from dandruff and mites. The mattresses and pillows come with easy zipper covers that are dry cleanable making them hygienic and safe to sleep for adults and children. 

The mattress is certified by international bodies and backed by certifications such as Anti-bacterial, Anti-dustmite, OEKO TEX, and GOTS

Benefits on sleeping on the anti-bacterial orthopedic mattress by Magniflex

1. Body hug feel and comfort

An Orthopedic mattress that most often uses memory foam in the layers provides the right kind of firmness and cushioning to the body. It distributes the weight of the body evenly without any pressure points exerted on the back and spinal regions.

2. Helps you Stretch and Relax

An orthopedic mattress by Magniflex helps dissipate pressure points and allows your back to gently stretch even while you are in deep sleep. The mattresses are made of patented memory foam called memoform  technology that provides optimum orthopedic support to the entire spinal and skeleton structure. 

3. Promotes deep sleep

An uninterrupted sleep all night leads to productive and positive days. That’s exactly what an orthopedic mattress does to your body. It provides the right firmness to the body allowing you to rest without frequently turning and twisting due to numbness in the body. 

Also, experts recommend sportsmen, and people of muscular jobs to choose orthopedic mattresses over a regular and traditional mattress for their enhanced sleeping patterns

4. Technologically advanced range of mattresses

A combination of art and science and understanding the need of different bodies, Magniflex infused the finest of technology into each of their masterpieces. The range of orthopedic mattresses offers the following features: 

  • Flip the mattress over for either medium-firm to firm feel and comfort
  • Enjoy the comfort of a soft and firm mattress on the same side for couples with different sleeping needs
  • Track your sleep data and improve the quality of sleep
  • Ergonomic design with different variations helps relax the tendons and is best suited for cervical pains. 
  • Natural and organic fabric to provide you with optimum comfort. 

If you are still suffering from the old and traditional mattress or the mattress that gives you allergies & other health problems, it’s time to consider an anti-bacterial mattress to enjoy the above benefits. The above benefits of an antibacterial mattress have been discussed in detail and we hope that this article helps you decide and choose health over discomfort and poor health. Connect with us at and fix a meeting with our sleep expert to know more. 

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