Best Cooling Mattress For Summer 2022

The summers are here! With the pandemic here to stay for a while, staying indoors has become a routine. With the intolerable heat, staying home away from the sun is a great option. 

Random naps and working with comfort is the only option left and a great plus to stay away from a pandemic. Some enjoy working from the comfort of their bed, and why not? The sweltering heat and the humidity drive many people crazy.

But, what if you get to have a cool mattress for summer. You can enjoy the sunshine, positivity, and delicious cooling fruits to munch on, that summers offers us. 

What does a good night’s sleep include?

Sleeping well includes several factors. Did you know that for a good night’s sleep, the optimum temperature is cooler? The ideal temperature for one to enjoy a good night’s sleep is between 16-19 degrees. That in summer? It seems like too much effort.

Coolers, fans, and open windows are usually the solutions to come across this summer. But not affordable by many and open windows can be inviting to mosquitoes, and using a lot of electronic appliances only means a high electricity bill. 

A good night’s sleep is made with rest, comfort, and peace. A cool mattress in summer is an essential and important investment that will ensure your body gets its much-deserved break and restful restoration. A cool mattress for summer is not a luxury but a necessity. 

So what else can be optimized?

Mattress with cooling properties? Yes, they do exist. You have Magniflex Magnigel Dual Core Mattress designed to cool and beat the heat of a summer night.  A lot of parameters need to be considered while buying a best cooling mattress. They are easily maintained; that’s exactly why the Magniflex mattresses stand out.  

Cool Mattress for Summer with Air – Conditioning

The Magniflex Magnigel technology is patented for its Magnigel layer. The Magnigel layer functions to absorb heat and disperse it evenly to allow for uniform temperature changes that occur to your body while you sleep.

No more tossing and turning with the summer heat, it will make your sleep cool and comfortable. The mattress with its 11 unique layers ensures comfort at all levels. 

The dual-core technology helps you to adjust the level of comfort to your preference. Keep it firm or soft; the dual-core allows the layout of dividing mattress into two separate cores for giving two different kinds of support for utmost comfort and less motion transfer while sleeping with a partner.

This Magnigel Mattress features a Cooling & Breathable Gel-infused layer that actively distributes heat while sleep. This oustanding mechanism is designed to provide a constant microclimate that further ensures a cool and fresh sensation for a peaceful night! 

The best fit for a couple, the mattress allows each individual to choose the firmness based on their choice seamlessly.  The mattress is ergonomic and provides comfortable orthopaedic support.

Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergy formulated mattress cover help beat the skin issues that can occur with a mattress, especially during the summer heat. 

With its natural cellulose-based fibre, this best cooling mattress absorbs moisture evenly and disperses it to keep you cool throughout. OEKO-TEX & GOTS certification is a feather on the hat. 

With its washable outer cover, you can not only maintain hygiene easily, and this best cooling mattress becomes a sure shot at being long-lasting. Sleep hygiene is no longer an issue. 

Made in Italy for the world and being the best mattress for summer in India. Enjoy the comfort lying on the premium mattress in the hottest of summers, with our patented Magnigel technology built to serve you.

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