Best Mattress For Couples

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best mattress for couples

What is one thing that couples miss about being single? Having the whole bed to themselves! This is undeniable.

The comfort of a large bed to yourself suited to your preferences is a luxury. With marriage, two people coming together calls for a battle between some personal choices too. Yes, even for a mattress.

What are the common issues a couple faces, regarding sleep?

Apart from sleep timings and the alarm settings, couples fight over occupying space and taking a larger portion of the blankets to themselves. Let us not forget, the mattress choice too. With individuals having their own choice of mattress and its specifications – some like it sturdy and firm, some like it foamy, soft, and springy. Some are OCD about keeping it clean frequently, and some prefer a low-maintenance mattress. To have them all covered under one mattress seems impossible. But we do have something.

What do people look for the most in a mattress?

Adjustability, optimum comfort, ease of maintenance, and good quality material are what everyone looks for. When it comes to sleep and a good mattress – most people associate it with a soft and cozy feel, yet supportive of their spinal posture and a place where they can truly rest and relax. People do not want to wake up with back pain and yet want to sleep on a surface that is light as a feather and clean. People these days are also cautious about the materials used in a product, yes, even a mattress. Sustainability, free from harmful chemicals, eco-friendly, and anti-bacterial/anti-allergic properties are some things people look for in a mattress.

Which mattress provides the best of both worlds for two different people in the same product?


Magniflex dual-core technology

The best product in the industry that flawlessly and seamlessly combines two levels of comfort. The mattress ensures the sleep habits and issues of the two people are not compromised. With a removable topper in place, the mattress comprises two parts that can be adjusted according to one’s convenience & choice of comfort. Flip it over for either a soft and cushiony mattress or a firm one that supports your back. Zip the cover back, and voila! Two separate worlds in one.

Now a removable mattress cover for easy maintenance, two individual parts that can be customised yet seamlessly are combined into one product, add to that eco-friendly, certified, made with anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite technology, you have a product that is a winner.

We understand that marriage is the union of two different worlds and sustenance. The distinct Magniflex dual-core technology ensures that getting a good night’s sleep is made hassle-free for a couple. Our mattress provides spending a lazy day in bed for a couple becomes even more enjoyable. After all, everyone needs a lazy day now and then.

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