Burn away stress with a candle

“Candle meditation” is an antique technique for relaxing the mind, calming inner commotion and reaching almost total relaxation. It is also really simple and affordable for all! Be careful not to set fire to your house, though ????

Trataka meditation with a candle

Trataka is a particular type of meditation that consists in gazing constantly at a single object to “clean” the mind. The Trataka technique involves constantly focusing on an object, closing the eyes and then reproducing an image of the object in your mind. The only rule is not to blink.

Meditating with a candle: method

To start, just a few minutes are sufficient but experts in this meditation are able to gaze at the candle flame for up to half an hour. Here’s how it’s done:

1) switch off the light and light a candle.
2) switch off any smartphones and all possible sources of distraction (TV, dishwasher, radio…)
3) sit with your back straight and start to focus on the candle without blinking
4) place all your attention on the candle and never lose eye contact with the heart of the flame, for any reason whatsoever
5) as the minutes pass, half-close your eyes
6) after a few minutes close your eyes for 60 seconds
7) now start to reproduce the image of the flame in your mind
8) before you stand up, take a deep breath and look around the room so as not to lose your bearings
9) drink a glass of water

For those with no expertise in meditation, we suggest starting with just a few minutes and then gradually building up to sessions of at least a quarter of an hour.

Meditating with a candle: the benefits

Gazing at the flame of a candle and meditating as described above brings inner peace, slows down the heartbeat, calms down mental babble, improves concentration, reduces tension and – for those who believe in it – gives vital energy to the so-called “third eye”.

Meditating with a candle: when to blink

Yes, ok, it’s important not to blink but… how can you do it? Naturally, it is wise not to take this literally because your eyes could otherwise suffer greatly. According to some meditators, when we blink, we trigger a sort of visual reset and need to start gazing again for a long time to understand the true face of reality. With candle meditation, we simply have to bear in mind that we need to keep our eyes open for longer without blinking. Over time and with practice, this time will grow, but it is important not to force this, especially at the start, because it would create an unbearable discomfort that could make us lose concentration, tranquillity, and relaxation.

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