How to Get Proper Sleep During Pregnancy

How to Get Proper Sleep During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings its own set of sleeping issues and complications along with it. Most pregnant women observe variations in their sleeping patterns from the very first trimester. There can be varied reasons causing these disruptions in the sleeping pattern of pregnant women. Here are some tips for getting proper sleep during pregnancy. Specifically designed mattress […]

Coffee’s extraordinary virtues: knowing them and how to recognize them


We always explore what happens before going to sleep and while asleep but this time, though, we’ve decided to focus on what happens after waking up. For countless people around the world (and especially in Italy), one of the things we encounter in the morning after waking up is…a cup of coffee.   What is […]

Turning the bed into a gym – part 1

Reclining pigeon pose

Is it possible to exercise without getting out of bed? Yes, of course, and no, we’re not kidding! There are several exercises that will help you improve your physical shape without having to leave your beloved mattress. Because yes, staying fit and in shape is important…but sometimes laziness and lack of time have the best of […]

The superior quality of materials: Memoform by Magniflex


When someone says, “Memory”, you instantly think about a mattress. Google confirms that too, revealing that over the past five years, users have increasingly searched for the terms “memory mattress” and “memory foam mattress”.   The characteristics of the memory foam mattress The word “foam” in the name is meant to describe the original material, which is foamy […]

From a demon to a treasure, the 5 weirdest things you may find under the bed…

Strange things under bed

If words like “bed” and “mattress” are synonymous with relaxation, peacefulness and tranquility, well then, read the rest of this article, because it might change your mind…   1) A Guarneri del Gesù Violin It had been lying under the bed for years and years, but now, fortunately, it vibrates with the talent of Anne […]

Marriage and Separate Beds: Long Live The Couples!

Long Live

It might appear as the most unromantic thing ever, but in recent years more and more couples are deciding to sleep in separate rooms. The reasons are usually practical: the partner snores, get up too often to go to the bathroom, keeps the light on while reading steals the blanket, or even occupies the whole […]

Essential Mattress Maintenance

In the imagination of those who are not part of the, let’s say, ‘green’ generation, mattresses have white and brown stripes and are sometimes sold in “rolls”. Today, our mattress is considered essential for a good lifestyle and is associated with health, well-being, technology, design and… no, there are no more white and brown stripes. Mattress Maintenance: Air Mattress maintenance starts […]

Cats, Dogs and Sleeping Difficulties

Living in the company of a small dog or cat is a huge privilege. Pets give us unconditional love, they don’t shout at us, they are sensitive and we know that simply petting them releases endorphins. That’s not all: anyone who has children knows how important a dog or cat can be for the balanced […]