The superior quality of materials: Memoform by Magniflex


When someone says, “Memory”, you instantly think about a mattress. Google confirms that too, revealing that over the past five years, users have increasingly searched for the terms “memory mattress” and “memory foam mattress”.   The characteristics of the memory foam mattress The word “foam” in the name is meant to describe the original material, which is foamy […]

Airyform: sturdiness and breathability in the points of support


A word has become popular over the last few years as one of the most searched terms in the vocabulary of sleep-related products. That word is Airyform, which is synonymous with quality of sleep, starting with its “breathability” and freshness.   Making the air circulate in mattresses and pillows as a challenge between necessity and technical difficulty […]

Essential Mattress Maintenance

In the imagination of those who are not part of the, let’s say, ‘green’ generation, mattresses have white and brown stripes and are sometimes sold in “rolls”. Today, our mattress is considered essential for a good lifestyle and is associated with health, well-being, technology, design and… no, there are no more white and brown stripes. Mattress Maintenance: Air Mattress maintenance starts […]