6 Best DIY Techniques Of Cleaning The Mattress This Season:

DIY techniques of cleaning the mattress

With dirt, mites, bacteria sitting on your mattress, your Diwali cleaning is incomplete.  The age-old tradition of cleaning and purifying the house during the festive season of Diwali and Dussehra is important in Hinduism. The welcoming of Goddess Lakshmi is done in form of puja and hawan. Hence, every part of the house is clean […]

What Are The Benefits Of Anti – Allergy Mattress?

anti - allergy mattress

When we search for a good mattress, we look for a comfortable mattress to sleep peacefully but is that enough? Answer is no. A person should also be safe and secure while sleeping, but you all must be thinking, what kind of safety do we need while sleeping? Well, the answer is safety from bacteria […]

Mattress Replacement – Interesting facts on when and why to replace your old mattress?

Mattress Replacement Interesting Facts

Not many people think of mattress replacement, because choosing the right mattress is an emotion today. We consider various factors such as the right comfort, durability, cost, and material used before picking the right mattress. The orthopedic mattresses are gaining popularity among young millennials and seniors given their erratic lifestyles. Hence it is wise to […]

How to overcome Coronasomnia?


Sleepless nights due to Covid 19? Let’s talk about Coronasomnia and how to battle.  Having trouble sleeping due to irregular sleep schedules, physical and mental illnesses, stress, and irregular food timings led to problems like insomnia. However today, the increase in sleep problems is related to the fear of contracting the virus and experts have […]

8 Simple tips to keep your mattress in good shape

Tips to keep your mattress in good shape

Buying a mattress is a long-term investment for a restful sleep. Most of us are guilty of not maintaining our mattresses and then blaming the quality of the mattress when it gets deformed. To keep it fresh always and assure that it remains in good shape & last longer, maintenance of the mattress is essential. […]

Lack of Sleep Increases the Chances of Getting Covid – Covidsomnia


With the ongoing fear of this pandemic with so many families affected, we all are taking utmost precautions to protect ourselves but are we doing everything? No, there is a fact that most people are not aware of and that is you need to sleep sufficiently to reduce your chances of getting infected with the virus. It may […]

Best cooling mattress for summer 2021

best cooling mattress

The summers are here! With the pandemic here to stay for a while, staying indoors has become a routine. With the intolerable heat, staying home away from the sun is a great option.  Random naps and working with comfort is the only option left and a great plus to stay away from a pandemic. Some […]

Best Mattress For Couples

best mattress for couples

What is one thing that couples miss about being single? Having the whole bed to themselves! This is undeniable. The comfort of a large bed to yourself suited to your preferences is a luxury. With marriage, two people coming together calls for a battle between some personal choices too. Yes, even for a mattress. What […]

All you need to know about Antibacterial & Antiviral mattress


Maintaining proper sleep hygiene is very significant for our health. The quality sleep is determined by various factors and one of the important factors is the quality of the mattress. People tend to use the same mattress years after years without considering whether the mattress is hygienic or not. The internal structure of the mattress […]