2020: good resolutions for well-being

When a new life cycle begins, such as at New Year, it is always wise to draw a balance of what has been, but even more importance to work out your future path and set objectives for yourself. Having a purpose – or at least a direction – acts as a compass and allows you to focus […]

Trouble Sleeping: Avoiding the 12+1 Most Common Mistakes

It often happens that we cannot fix a situation because everything we do, even though it is done with good intentions, only ends up making things worse. And so, we find ourselves drinking yet another cup of coffee to wake up, because we haven’t slept a wink the night before, but it’s a decision that […]

Cats, Dogs and Sleeping Difficulties

Living in the company of a small dog or cat is a huge privilege. Pets give us unconditional love, they don’t shout at us, they are sensitive and we know that simply petting them releases endorphins. That’s not all: anyone who has children knows how important a dog or cat can be for the balanced […]