Best cooling mattress for summer 2021

best cooling mattress

The summers are here! With the pandemic here to stay for a while, staying indoors has become a routine. With the intolerable heat, staying home away from the sun is a great option.  Random naps and working with comfort is the only option left and a great plus to stay away from a pandemic. Some […]

Sleep is a Key to Healthy Lifestyle

Sleep is a Key to Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy body and energetic mind require the 3 most easily available inputs. The most straight forward tips for a healthy lifestyle are balanced diets, exercising, and sound sleep. When you have a lot on your plate, sleep is the first one to be sacrificed. Doctors recommend their patients to have balanced diets and exercise […]

Turning the bed into a gym – part 3

Woman doing yoga exercise on bed

We looked at how you can exercise on the bed in the morning and at night. As everyone knows, though, when the going gets tough, the tough get going and that’s why this post is intended for all those who want to transform the bed into a full-scale athletic training set. Also, refer Daily workout ideas […]

Putting a period to experience total relaxation

experience total relaxation

In many alphabets, it’s the smallest and simplest symbol you’ll find; it marks the end of a sentence and is easy to draw with a pen or pencil: the period. Originally used to separate words, then – depending on where it was placed in a sentence – serving different grammatical purposes, to the point of […]

Getting rid of stress with Body Brushing

Body brushing

Always juggling between one errand and the other, pressured by multiple approaching deadlines with an often messed up diet, we all live in an age in which toxins pile up and in the long run, it takes its toll on our balance, health and physical appearance. There is a way of “scraping off” stress and […]

Vintage relax: 4 things we discovered 10 years ago

Vintage Relax

Amongst all the imaginable luxuries, one thing is probably the most precious that a person can imagine and posses: time. Having time for yourself, your relationships, your passions and time for enjoying life. This is the luxury that all of us, without distinction, are lacking. So let’s stop for a minute and – with the […]

Discover the chakras and harmonize your body’s energy field


The original word is चक्र (devanāgarī script) and indicates something circular, a concept that we could translate figuratively with the wheel. In some traditions, there are more than 10, in others nine, but the most popular version is the one that associates the body to seven chakras.   What are chakras? Chakras are energy cores, a […]

Discover Delta Healing and sleep like a log!

Some time ago, we invited you to reflect on the topic of Theta Healing. Today we are following the same wavelength and taking a look at Delta Healing. We are naturally talking about brainwaves, in this case, the Delta brainwaves. So what are Delta brainwaves? When the brain emits waves from 1 to 4 Hz it means […]

Burn away stress with a candle

“Candle meditation” is an antique technique for relaxing the mind, calming inner commotion and reaching almost total relaxation. It is also really simple and affordable for all! Be careful not to set fire to your house, though ???? Trataka meditation with a candle Trataka is a particular type of meditation that consists in gazing constantly at a […]