India’s first anti-bacterial Mattress by Magniflex and its benefits

Anti bactrial

There has been a change in consumer behavior and the choices they make while choosing the suitable mattress. Right from the type of the mattress, its height and density, and the level of firmness to the quality of material used to make it safe to sleep on is highly considered by today’s consumers. The combination […]

How To Solve Sleep Problems Naturally?

sleep problems

Sound sleep has become a rare thing now, something which comes once in a blue moon. Due to poor lifestyles and long work hours, people sacrifice their sleep and suffer from sleep deprivation. While some, due to stress and poor diet, become prey to insomnia (not being able to sleep). These are some of the […]

Massaging the head to induce a sense of wellbeing

There’s a gentle, delicate and very pleasant way to achieve a sense of wellbeing. It’s something suggestive, a cuddle which – quite literally – causes dependence. We’re talking about a head massage. While it is important not to improvise do-it-yourself methods and to rely on the guidance of a professional masseuse, especially when it comes to […]

Discover the chakras and harmonize your body’s energy field


The original word is चक्र (devanāgarī script) and indicates something circular, a concept that we could translate figuratively with the wheel. In some traditions, there are more than 10, in others nine, but the most popular version is the one that associates the body to seven chakras.   What are chakras? Chakras are energy cores, a […]