Chemicals are bad – Inhaling them through the mattress is worse. Know more…

An average person spends one third of his life sleeping, and when we think of rest at the end of a busy and tiring day, our minds go straight to our cozy and comfy beds, and the soft and inviting mattress on the top.

As consumer thoughts change and take them away from basic cotton mattresses to advanced ones, more and more people are growing aware by the day.  But while you focus on features and materials such as softer cotton material and orthopaedic designs, there’s something else that you may have missed!

Let’s look into what this is all about, and how Magniflex helps?

What are the major chemical-related issues in mattresses?

Chemical off-gases

Most memory foam and other synthetics-based mattresses are made up of chemical materials or VOCs. These may include flame-retardants, benzene and a few other chemicals that are associated with major health issues like developmental disorders, cancer, and even fertility issues.

Skin issues

Mattresses and their materials have a lot of volatile compounds that can cause users to
feel irritation in their eyes, throat, and skin.

Now such issues can bring in headaches, fatigue, tardiness, and nausea. Long-term usage and exposure can also lead to damage to the nervous system, liver, and kidneys.

While we don’t often realise the causes of such issues and write them off as routine stress, this is caused by something that’s supposed to bring us comfort but ends up doing something quite opposite.

Emission levels

While there have been a few temporary solutions to such problems, these haven’t appeared to help much, or incite buyer confidence. Solutions include letting the mattress air out for a while, or use thicker bedsheets, or even getting it deep-cleaned regularly.

Now all these do help in reducing toxicity levels to a certain extent, but aren’t all the way solutions. Research has also found that body heat actually increases the emissions, and lack of ventilation in the room can also be a huge issue by trapping in the chemicals.

Lack of information

Many chemicals that have been identified within these emissions are not a part of the material information on the product details.

This is because these particular harmful VOCs aren’t used in the manufacturing process, but are actually a by-product of them. More often than not, this causes even the more aware buyers to be caught unaware, and be exposed to the toxicity as they are blissfully unaware in their sleep.

How does Magniflex help?

Magniflex has focused for years on how to build the best mattresses and continues to innovate every day. Our mattresses are created not only to provide comfort for all ages and sleep patterns, but also to focus on using intelligent materials.

Health and safety is paramount

Our mattresses are created with patented hypoallergenic materials that prevent the growth of bacteria, dustmites, and fungal infections. This not only keeps users safe from infections and diseases, but also saves the hassle of deep-cleaning every now and again.

Preventing toxicity, right at the beginning

Magniflex manufacturing processes are specially designed to choose advanced materials, and combine them to create toxin-free mattresses. Our focus is to eliminate the toxicity right at the door.

All the toxic materials or those that produce toxic by-products are removed from not only the source, but also from the supply chain. This removes the question of emissions or VOC entirely, to help us create the best mattresses for our health-conscious customers.

Eco-friendly materials

We understand that use of various synthetic materials can go to any lengths to cause damage, which is why we use eco-friendly materials to create our mattresses.

These are certified and known to be safe for use, and help users avoid breathing toxins as they
cherish their precious moments of sleep.

These certified chemical-free materials not only let you have the sound sleep you need, but also give you a peace of mind of being safe from harmful toxins.

So why wait? Take your pick of the wide range of world-class mattresses by Magniflex and end your toxicity worries today!

And while you wait to plan out which one to buy from an exciting range, it is best to let your current mattress air out for a while and get it cleaned using one of the many tips here.

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