Lack of Sleep Increases the Chances of Getting Covid – Covidsomnia

With the ongoing fear of this pandemic with so many families affected, we all are taking utmost precautions to protect ourselves but are we doing everything? No, there is a fact that most people are not aware of and that is you need to sleep sufficiently to reduce your chances of getting infected with the virus. It may sound surprising but research studies show that if you are suffering from sleep deprivation, this may aggravate the chances of catching viral infection. Let’s dig in more deeply into this.


Research studies have proven that if you are sleeping less, then this may increase your chances of getting Covid. It was shown that for people who slept one hour extra, 12% chances of infection were decreased. Those who had a disrupted sleeping pattern developed adverse Covid symptoms and had a longer recovery period. Not sleeping enough weakens your immune system, and chances of catching infections increases. Now you must be realising how important sleep is for a person.

Neurologists have coined a new term called Covidsomnia; a sleep disorder due to fear of getting Covid, change in office routine, work pressure, disturbed work-life balance and social isolation. Even it has been noticed that those who are already infected are taking longer to recover than usual due lack of sleep. People are developing Covidsomnia due to deteriorating mental health and also fear of getting infected by the virus, started taking medications for sleep, but that will make the situation even worse unless taken under a doctor’s supervision.


The primary symptom includes feeling tired and exhausted all day. Not being able to concentrate properly and the attention span also decreases when suffering from sleep deprivation. Other symptoms can be a headache, getting angry at petty things, irritability. Prolonged sleep deprivation can result into stress, depression, anxiety & many severe health issues as insufficient sleep affects entire body from the brain, heart and lungs to metabolism, mood and immune system. These symptoms can take a toll on your health.

Now that you know these possible symptoms, you need to fix your sleep schedule because losing sleep reduce body resistance against infection & brings thousands of health risk as mentioned above, including the deadly virus.

How to overcome?


1) Create an Ideal Bedroom

The more pleasing ambience, the better sleep.Changing bedroom décor can make a huge difference. Create more serene, cool relaxing bedroom environment.

2) Fix your sleep schedule

Avoid sleeping after 11 pm, go to bed early and wake up early. Make sure you don’t use any electronics before going to bed because getting yourself exposed to light before bedtime will delay your sleep, instead read a book or listen to music. Fixing bedtime and time to wake up will help in setting a sleep schedule. Once you are habitual to it, you will start feeling sleepy automatically at your regular bedtime.

3) Change your mattress

Many people suffer from sleep deprivation because of the bad mattresses. Even if they go to bed on time, they are not able to sleep. To get rid of this switch to right mattress with the help of sleep expert. You can also consider Memory foam mattresses. As their open-cell technology absorbs all the heat from the body provides optimum ambience to sleep.

4) Cut down on caffeine

Avoid or limit the use of drinks with a high amount of caffeine. It limits the production of melatonin and, as a result, keeps you active for a longer duration. You may be able to sleep less because of this and be more attentive, but this will prove harmful in the long run.

5) Lifestyle changes

Shift from a sedentary lifestyle to a healthy one. Don’t stay up late watching TV or doing your work; sleep on time and wake up early. Work out daily and practice mediation. Sleep in a dark room with quiet surroundings to have a sound sleep. The easiest way to eliminate sleep deprivation is to adopt these simple tips to get quality sleep at night. Stay positive, test negative and most importantly, stay at home.

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