Daily workout ideas – starting from your living room

Emotionally and physically, a person is always bound to remain fit. But, because of the on-going pandemic, everyone’s lives have got confined to the four walls of the room. For the fitness freaks, the sorrow is more because of the shutdown of gyms due to the lockdown. In short, whatever we have to do, should be inside our houses. But this confinement should not stop you from keeping yourselves fit. Moreover, during this present time of health crisis, the concern for staying fit should be much more than it was before. But how, right? How can one stay indoors and stay fit without even going out? Here is some daily workout ideas. 

Since this is the concern for most of the people, therefore here are some daily workout ideas for everyone; menwomen, and kids. Make good use of this lockdown and stay fit as much as you can. 

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Daily workout ideas


Yes, this sounds hilarious but it is one of those exercises which can help you burn a few hundred calories! Doing routine activities like mopping, sweeping, and dusting can give you the feeling of a real workout. Everyone does not have dumbbells or kettlebells at home, but there are alternatives present right in your kitchen if you have a quick look. For instance, bags of rice or large containers used to store oil can be used in place of the gym equipment. By doing these, one can burn calories up to a few hundred. 



Sometimes, calming and soothing yoga can give you everything that you need. It’s okay if you don’t like jumping up and down, but doing yoga can give you inner peace. It can be easily done at home and if you are a first-timer, then go through any youtube channel and enjoy your serenity. After all, the lockdown is the best time to do some yoga. Also, it helps in increasing flexibility and core strength. Yoga also helps in improving one’s cardiovascular health. 


House tour

Well, this is for that portion of the men’s population, who don’t even know to which direction the kitchen of their house is faced. Jokes apart, but walking through your house is highly beneficial in terms of staying fit. And if you own a smart-watch, then you can keep a track of the number of steps. Also, if someone has a big lawn in their house, they can make the best by taking a quick run, every day. Kids and women can also do it.      



This does not need a huge elaboration as everyone knows the health benefits of dancing. For the regular dancers, this is nothing new. But, for the ones who want to stay fit, then they can do this to burn some calories. You can start your own dancing session by following the Korean dancing steps which you can easily stream on youtube. There are hundreds of K-Pop mix dance workout videos available and you can enjoy this workout along with your kids as well as your partner. 



What could be more refreshing than spending some time with greenery? Every day, you can take some time out to tend your plants, water them if you happen to have a small garden on your balcony. But, if you have a huge lawn, then using a lawnmower can help you get your muscles in shape. Statistically, one can even burn up to 280 calories per hour by mowing the lawn. Carrying the watering can and other gardening tools can also help you in toning your arms. 


Usual Workouts

The very common workout activities like squats and lunges can be easily done at home. Also, skipping, push-ups, pull-ups are some of the most common exercises that you can easily do at home. Even the women can do these exercises if they plan to begin, while, for the kids, they can do more playing and skipping. Skipping helps in toning the muscles and also brings hand-eye coordination. It does not require much space and can be easily done in one’s balcony or living room.  Other usual workout ideas are- push-ups, squats, Walking lunges, Jumping Jacks, Dumbbell rows, Plank, etc. 


Resistance Exercises

Although the gyms are not yet open because of the lockdown, that shouldn’t stop you from strengthening your muscles and mobility. Since you won’t find the equipment used in the gym, but just look around, your house will give you more than you could ask for. You can do some single-leg step-ups on the stairs or you could do some sit-to-stands from a sturdy chair. 


Virtual Fitness Classes

During this lockdownmen, women, and kids have tried to make the best use of the internet. While some choose to learn new dishes, some did research on plenty of topics. But, among all these, some even used the internet to stay as fit as possible. As a result, the number of online workout classes increased. Every day, there is a new video for fitness put up on youtube.    


Video Games

Even while staying inside your room, you can have a good workout by playing games. There are certain video games that can get your heart rate up. If you miss the real thing, then this can become a great alternative. These virtual reality games are made for everyone including women and kids. Certain VR games like skateboarding, tennis, and soccer can make your adrenaline rush high. 


Fitness Apps

For those men and women who are new to the world of fitness, there are plenty of fitness apps that can be used to stay in shape. It’s absolutely okay if you don’t know the different types of workout ideas because these fitness apps can help you remain fit. Every detail regarding how to do a particular workout, for how long to do it is given in these apps. Some of these apps are Nike Training Club, CorePower Yoga, Rumble, Daily Burn, etc. 

Turning bed into the gym

We looked at how you can exercise on the bed in the morning and at night. As everyone knows, though, when the going gets tough, the tough get going and that’s why this post is intended for all those who want to transform the bed into a full-scale athletic training set. read Turning the bed into a gym to know more.

Stay fit!

At present, the world is covered with uncertainty and fear. Moreover, the lockdown has brought in more problems for everyone. Although being mentally fit during these times is not the only thing that everyone must abide by, being physically fit is also highly necessary. Everyone, including menwomen, and even kids must ensure that they stay fit. But, considering everything, the question that now arises is how much exercise does one need? This is because there are no gym trainers or personal health coaches available to look after this. So try all posible workout ideas mentioned above.

For adult men and women, it is recommended that they get at least 150 minutes of exercise every week. Now, this can be decided by you as to how they want to plan out your workout schedules. Even for kids, at least one 1-hour of playing is recommended. Above all, the important thing to note here is staying motivated even during these difficult times. Since much cannot be done about the lockdown, therefore, everyone now needs to build up strong immunity. Refer, Importance of sleep in building immunity

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