Discover Delta Healing and sleep like a log!

Some time ago, we invited you to reflect on the topic of Theta Healing. Today we are following the same wavelength and taking a look at Delta Healing.

We are naturally talking about brainwaves, in this case, the Delta brainwaves.

So what are Delta brainwaves?

When the brain emits waves from 1 to 4 Hz it means it has entered a Delta state. The brainwaves are the result of the brain’s electrical activity. Delta brainwaves are those typically in the deepest sleep, and to understand how the mind can relax, it is important to think that when we are awake and during normal activities, this can reach up to 30 Hz. From one oscillation per second (in other words 1 Hz), it can reach up to 30 oscillations per second!

How to enter the Delta state

During meditation, highly experienced meditators are able to lower their brainwaves to reach the Delta state. To reach this, it takes perseverance and time. Another method is to “induce” the brain through Delta brainwaves, lowering them by listening to binaural beats or special types of music. The use of sound-waves was known even in the era of Pythagoras. In fact, it is believed that at that time there were temples in which people were healed by listening to music that harmonized the mind, body, and spirit.

Find well-being thanks to the Delta state

While Theta Healing continues gradually through deep relaxation, the purpose of Delta Healing is that of stimulating the “white matter” of the brain, the part that coordinates the way in which the different parts of the brain work by controlling the signals shared by the neurons. “White matter” can be found more or less anywhere in the Central Nervous System and gets its name from the whitish myelin that envelops the neurons. According to advocates of Delta Healing, in the Delta state, there are blockages, traumas, and problems which, once the frequency of 1-4 Hz is reached, can be solved by helping to restore the body in a totally natural way.
The benefits of the Delta state are a greater response in physical self-repair processes, a slowing-down of aging, a boost to the immune system, the production of γ-Hydroxybutyric acid (neuro-protector), but also greater intuition and empathy.

Delta Healing and sleep

It seems that 98% of those who stimulate the brain to enter into the Delta state benefit enormously in terms of sleep. That alone is a good enough reason to try, don’t you think? Possibly on a Magniflex mattress!

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