Do women need more sleep than Men?

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women's day blog

If there is a job underrated and deserves world appreciation, it is that for a homemaker.  Being a housewife is a susceptible job; people feel that homemakers reside at home, having their ample time, and not earn money. 

But the truth is upside down; we won’t realize until you put yourself in their shoes because women make everything look easy.  Women are the backbone of the family; the work they do in a day is innumerable.  It doesn’t matter if a woman is a homemaker or a working woman; Research says that on average, a woman spends around 1 hour & 30 min extra for childcare and homeschooling than a man.

They balance their work-life, take care of their children, manage family, and whatnot?  However, while taking care of everyone in the family, they overlook to take care of themselves. The major compromise they do is on their sleep.  And what if we tell them to take a breath and have a good peaceful sleep which is more highly important for a woman than a man.  We are not gendered discriminating, of course not! But you will be amazed to know research proves this, and it is a fact that women need more sleep than men. Let us elaborately discuss this.

Women and sleep

Research proves that women need more sleep than their counterparts because they have dual responsibilities to cater: managing family & work.  It is said that the brain of a woman works harder during the day as compared to men. It has been reckoned that a woman needs half an hour more sleep than men. Accepting it? 

While we sleep, our brain rests and repairs itself. If you are not getting a sound nap, your brain cortex will still be working at dusk. A woman’s brain is more complex, and after working day and night, it demands more rest. 

The reality is many women are sleep deprived and are not getting as much sleep they should. It can be due to long working hours, stress, managing the house and children.  Women are always working for one thing or the other, and rest or good sleep is the last thing on their to-do list. 

Suppose a woman is not sleeping properly or having disrupted sleep patterns. In that case, this will lead to many disorders and diseases like delayed sleep disorder, Insomnia, and health risks like heart diseases, breathlessness, and many psychological problems like irritation & depression, potentially harming the health that carries till their death bed. 

Research shows that women have 40% more chances of developing symptoms of Insomnia than men as they go through menstruation at regular intervals, pregnancy, and menopause at some stage in their life.  We appreciate the women in our lives and prioritize their comfort and well-being. 

As the first step to do this is to ensure that they are getting enough sleep with maximum comfort. A woman deserves all the gratitude and love. Show them what importance she holds in your life.  So on this women’s day, Magniflex requests you to look around & see that the lady of the house is getting well-deserved rest. 

If the answer is no, then we at Magniflex are happy to help!

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