Essential Mattress Maintenance

In the imagination of those who are not part of the, let’s say, ‘green’ generation, mattresses have white and brown stripes and are sometimes sold in “rolls”. Today, our mattress is considered essential for a good lifestyle and is associated with healthwell-beingtechnologydesign and… no, there are no more white and brown stripes.

Mattress Maintenance: Air

Mattress maintenance starts in the morning, the moment we wake up. It is essential to air out the mattress, which not only ensures more air and oxygen in the room but also allows the mattress to expel any moisture. Opening windows and moving sheets off the bed should become a daily habit. If possible, the bed should be left like this until the evening. If not, it should be aired for no less than 10-15 minutes.
The bed base and staves should have enough space to allow air to circulate, there should be nothing underneath the bed and, where possible, letting sunlight pour into the room (preferably in the mid-seasons to avoid any damage to the fabrics) are other options to consider.

Mattress Maintenance: Fabrics

To keep the beauty and quality of the fabrics covering the mattress for a long time, it is wise to always use a good quality mattress cover. The most recommended fabrics for the mattress cover, sheets, covers and bed linen are those made with delicate fibers, possibly treated without the addition of chemical substances. With delicate fabrics free of harmful substances, the body does not risk getting any rashes, the skin breathes, the mattress does not produce any irritating balls of fluff, referred to technically as “pilling”.

Mattress Maintenance: Cleaning

When it is necessary to clean your mattress, we advise using a powerful vacuum cleaner, with the brush attachment, to remove dust from the top and bottom of the mattress, naturally still in its cover. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, use a soft fabric brush.
Depending on the washing instructions label, either have the outer cover dry-cleaned or machine-wash. Alternatively, wipe over the outer fabric with a cloth dampened with water and sodium bicarbonate, taking care to dry the dampened areas well.
If dry-cleaning is necessary for stubborn stains or disinfection (to be carried out professionally at least once every 2 years), it is wise to go to a specialized professional, asking them to follow the instructions label.

Mattress Maintenance: Turning Round

Every 30 days, you should turn the mattress by 180° to avoid possible deformations. Depending on the mattress instructions, you may also have to turn over the mattress, alternating between the “bottom” and “top” side, every six months.

Mattress Maintenance: The Room

A good mattress in unhealthy room conditions risks deteriorating. If you have just purchased a new mattress, check that there is no mold or mildew on the walls and behind the furniture in the bedroom, and avoid excessively high temperatures in the room. In a nutshell, if you have just purchased a new mattress, it could be wise (or even necessary) to repaint the walls and clean the entire room thoroughly, including any drawers.

Mattress Maintenance: Things To Avoid

To get the best out of your mattress and ensure it lasts a long time, avoid transforming it into:

  • a trampoline
  • a shelf while you are ironing
  • a support for heavy objects

Having said this, naturally, not all mattresses are able to offer the same firm yet soft support and ergonomic response to the body. Not all but… Magniflex does!

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  1. Good blog, You are right. Today, Our mattress is considered essential for a good lifestyle. Thanks for sharing the Essential Mattress Maintenance tips. Your tips helped me to maintain my mattress in a good condition

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