From a demon to a treasure, the 5 weirdest things you may find under the bed…

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Strange things under bed

If words like “bed” and “mattress” are synonymous with relaxation, peacefulness and tranquility, well then, read the rest of this article, because it might change your mind…


1) A Guarneri del Gesù Violin

It had been lying under the bed for years and years, but now, fortunately, it vibrates with the talent of Anne Akiko Meyers. The item in question happens to be an extraordinary violin dating back to 1741 that once belonged to the Belgian virtuoso, Henri Vieuxtemps. For decades, it lied under the bed of Ian Stoutker, who would clumsily play it in the morning and at night, before going to sleep. The Vieuxtemps Guarneri is worth an estimated of 16 million U.S. dollars.


2) Napoleon’s…private parts

You’d think it was a made-up story, but it actually happened. An American urologist, John J. Lattimer, purchased “them” in 1997 at an auction (some of the remains of Napoleon’s body had been removed after the autopsy following his death) and ended up storing them beneath his bed for 30 years…


3) A smiling alien on the bed

In 2015, a woman posted a comment on Mufon’s (Mutual UFO Network) website in which she claimed that, after having fallen asleep before her husband, she later woke up in the presence of a grey and bald alien who was attempting to smile, “as though for the first time ever”.


4) A woman with a syringe and a knife

In 2014, the O’Neill’s found their bed in a mess with torn-up soles of 20 pairs of shoes scattered around the bedroom. After calling the cops to investigate the scene, which looked like it had been ravaged by a poltergeist, the couple began to tidy up the room, when they suddenly heard strange sounds coming from the bed. When the cops returned for the second time, they found a very skinny woman under the bed, who weighed only 41 kg, and who was an amphetamine junkie. Next to her was a kitchen knife, while under the sheets, they found a syringe and locks of blonde hair all over the floor…


5) A black demon at the foot of the bed

That is what happened to Hannah Foster who, in 2005, when looking at the foot of her bed, saw a terrifying figure that stood up, menacingly. “It looked like a black demon with chapped skin like a gargoyle”, the woman said at the time. Later, however, it was found out that Ms. Foster suffered from sleep paralysis (and had experienced a hypnagogic hallucination). Her story is rather horrifying and, even though science has a clear explanation for her experience, some people believe that Hannah did indeed see a real demon…

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