Goldenrod: properties and benefits of the “gold” plant

European goldenrod also referred to with the name Solidago virgaurea L. Officinalis, is used as an herb for its active ingredients and healing properties.
It is an herbaceous plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family. It is native of northern Europe but is also found in Asia, North America and North Africa. It grows in mountainous regions and woodlands and prefers moderate to cold climates. It has an erect dark stem that can reach up to 80 cm in height. Its flowers have an unmistakable yellow: “virgaurea” meaning “goldenrod”, hence the name of this plant.

Uses of goldenrod

The leaves and flower tips of goldenrod can be used to prepare herbal teasinfusions, and decoctions, by steeping in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. The result is quite surprising and has a pleasant, relaxing effect.

Properties of goldenrod

It has been popular for centuries and has always been used as an ointment for treating wounds, thanks to its wound-healing action. Its active ingredients have astringentanti-inflammatorydecongestantdiuretic, and purifying properties.

Other benefits of goldenrod include:

  1. prevention of rheumatism
  2. diuretic action
  3. treatment of urinary tract diseases
  4. elimination of waste and toxins
  5. anti-putrefactive action
  6. ability to curb gastro-enteritis.

It does not end there, however: goldenrod also has disinfectant and aseptic properties, above all for the oral cavity (in herbal medicine it is also prescribed to combat aphtha and gingival inflammation). It is also used in the form of an herbal tea or syrup to treat sore throats. Finally, it is also useful for eliminating fungi and micro-organisms.


Goldenrod to promote relaxation

Why would goldenrod be mentioned in relation to relaxation? It’s quite simple: deep well-being is easier to achieve the more we are able to purify the body. With its diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and depurative action, goldenrod can be a valid aid for general health, starting from the kidneys and liver.
As always, especially in the case of health situations that require attention, it is important to consult your doctor before taking anything.

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