How COVID19 outbreak affecting your sleep?

From the very beginning of the year 2020, the appalling horror of COVID19 is affecting sleep in the worldwide community on a large scale. Everywhere, there is the hot discussion of COVID-19 and as time passes, the problem is getting more serious. No matter where you look- television, newspapers, or social media- there is only one topic on the trending headline, coronavirus outbreak!

People are getting overwhelmed with the spinning news of the novel coronavirus, death rates, current active cases and the constant rise of corona cases in the graphs. There is no denying the fact that the tension is real and general people are under great panic!

Now the question comes, is the current scenario of COVID19 affecting the problem of inability to sleep?

Well, the pandemic has brought a series of tensions that concerns not only health but also various life-style and economic distress. Such tensions are causing sleepless nights for general people.

Truth to be told, the pandemic has terribly ruined the peace of mind! People are feeling confined and powerless to live their life freely as they used to live earlier (before the outbreak emerged). Here are some of the psychological distressing factors (of coronavirus) that have directly and indirectly affected the sleep schedule of certain people –

1. The Terror of Virus Contamination –

The chief concern that has seized the sleep of night is the terror of getting infected by the contagious novel virus, SARS-CoV-2. People all around the world are struggling to stay safe from virus exposure as much as possible. Nowadays, sustaining maximum hygiene has become a prime priority for people. No matter how seriously people are practising social distancing, personal hygiene, wearing of protection gears, home-quarantining, or sanitation, the terror of getting infected never fades away from their mind.

People have become psychologically disturbed with the anxiety of infection and little scope of contamination is affecting their conscience. The tension is causing an inability to sleep among people as they are too distressed and worried to rest properly.

2. Anxiety Due To Home Quarantine (Cabin Fever) –

To control the coronavirus outbreak, several countries have enacted the protocol of national lockdown. But this sudden lockdown is greatly affecting people in a psychological state! People are feeling restricted and somewhat imprisoned in their own house while practising the home-quarantine. Although they know that it is for their best interest, they are still feeling anxiety and trepidation.

The prolonged stay at home can be very distressing for people, especially those who used to spend most of the time outside. The extreme anxiety of staying in quarantine can cause Cabin Fever which is serious mental depravity! This condition comes with several traits such as lethargy, hopelessness, lack of patience, palpitations, sadness or depression, decreased motivation, trouble concentrating, difficulty waking, food cravings and frequent napping. These syndromes negatively impact a healthy sleep schedule of a general man.

3. Negativity All-Around –

As already mentioned, COVID-19 is the hottest topic today and it is the part of the frequent public conversation. Whenever you turn on the news channels or read headlines on newspapers or open your smartphones to scroll down through social media feed, the news related to COVID-19 is constantly catching the attention and covid19 affecting sleep. Truth to be told, most of the media is filled with negative news and misconceptions regarding the pandemic. To gain more TRPs on TVs likes on social media, and media engagements, some media channels are spreading myths and hoax information that are causing unnecessary panic and terror in the general people.

The circulation of such negative information and news are influencing people’s minds. Some people’s brains tend to process these prevailing news and popular delusional facts during the nighttimes. The processing of such thoughts affects the peacefulness of mind and causes an inability to sleep. People are facing overwhelming stress, worries, confusions and mental restlessness in this state of the crisis!

4. Pause in The Professional Life –

The prevalence of the pandemic has left a great impact on the economy and drowned the careers of many! A lot of people have lost their means of earnings and jobs. Numerous companies around the world got shut down permanently. Some official sectors have stopped operating due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Big companies are allowing a limited number of employees and in certain countries, foreign workers have been dismissed from their roles. In short, the careers and the professions of people are at stake due to this pandemic and it is nothing but a matter of great depression!

People who are the victim of these situations are suffering from great financial up-downs. They are under great mental stress due to the sudden pause in career. Sustaining the livelihood, arranging the means of survival, reestablishing the career- all the great tensions that are snatching the sleep of nights. People are spending restless nights due to these bewildering tensions and the problem is quite serious!

5. Disorganized Life-Style and Daily Routine –

The lives of people have become nearly immobilized due to the pandemic. Since people have nothing to do and they are bound to stay at home, their usual lifestyle routine has been modified. The prolonged confinement at home has completely changed the lifestyle schedule of working people. Covid19 changes lifestyle and it affecting the sleep. People are hardly following any proper routine while living the quarantine life. Uncontrolled eating, motionlessness, and frequent napping are ruining health as well as the healthy sleep cycle of people. Research says that after the pandemic, the night sleep rituals of many people have been affected. People are now mostly sleeping at indefinite times of the day and these irregular sleeping habits are causing an inability to sleep at night.

Importance of Sleeping Well

On an average scale, a normal person should sleep one-third of his/her entire lifespan to lead a healthy life. Getting adequate sleep works as a natural healing therapy for the entire human body. From sustaining daily functioning to various systematic health benefits, the importance of sleeping well is abundant! Sleep boost immune system controls metabolism and weight gain promotes constant moods, keeps cardiovascular diseases at bay, strengthens our cells function, improves knowledge retention, and sustains us with long and short- term memory. Sleep is very important for proper brain functioning as in the sleeping state, the brain starts engaging in various essential activities that are directly and indirectly associated with the quality of life.

When you take proper sleep at night, your body starts functioning incredibly. But in the present scenarios, the coronavirus outbreak is severely impacting the sleep schedule of people in various ways. This affected sleep routine can further beget serious problems like sleep deprivation in certain people. People who suffer from extreme sleep deprivation mostly feel depression and mental illness. They have a great chance for strokes, heart attacks, and asthma strikes. They often suffer from sleep disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia, and narcolepsy. They can often have hallucinations and critical mood swings. So before these problems reach your health, start practising healthy sleep hygiene to improve your nighttime sleep.

What can be the Best Solution for Sleeping Well Even in This Tensed Situation of Pandemic?

As you have reached this far, you probably have understood how potentially the tremor of coronavirus outbreak is affecting your sleep, importance of sleep and the effects of extreme sleep deprivations. On this covid19 outbreak due to various reasons it affecting your sleep. You are now probably looking for the most practical and easiest ways to improve your sleep schedule in this pandemic.

It is basic and obviously necessary that you have to control your current habit of taking a frequent day-time nap and start worrying less about the prevailing crisis. The less you worry, the more you can be productive and cheerful. Next effective and the best way to get a wholesome nighttime sleep is ensuring the maximum comfort of your sleeping environment. Make sure the bedroom is clean and smells good. Also, consider that your mattress is comfortable enough to provide you with ultimate relaxation during sleep.

If your mattress is old, ragged, hard and fails to support your comfortable sleeping posture, it is better that you replace your mattress with a high-quality one. In this tensed situation of the pandemic, all you need is ultimate relaxation and repose! Sleeping on a defective mattress further makes your muscles tensed and stops you from sleeping peacefully. It ruins your healthy sleep schedule. Same goes with the sleeping pillows. Make sure that you pick the mattress as per your sleeping preference.

You can explore Magniflex’s wide range of comforting mattress and sleeping pillows and choose the ideal one for yourself! A comfortable mattress that suits your sleeping preference gives your body ultimate ease and cosiness to fall asleep quickly. Sleeping in a mellow environment soothes your muscles and nervous system. You certainly feel less tense and unwind in ultimate comfort.

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