How to Get Proper Sleep During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings its own set of sleeping issues and complications along with it. Most pregnant women observe variations in their sleeping patterns from the very first trimester. There can be varied reasons causing these disruptions in the sleeping pattern of pregnant women. Here are some tips for getting proper sleep during pregnancy. Specifically designed mattress for pregnancy can help to some extent for sleep during pregnancy.

No matter what reason is not letting you sleep, pregnant women need to have a good night’s sleep. Pregnancy creates a compelling levy on the body, be it physically or emotionally.

We know progressing pregnancy leads to problems like big belly, baby kicks, and constant urge to use the washroom. All these add up to a lot of time being awake at night missing out on sleep. That is why getting a nocturnal bliss seems almost impossible during pregnancy. Amidst all these problems, specifically designed mattress for pregnancy and pillow for pregnancy will become your best friends.

Sleep disorders and their causes during pregnancy

The changes that occur during the early or later stages of pregnancy lead to many undesirable and excruciating health issues. These problems may be short term or may even stay with you throughout your pregnancy. Some major health issues associated with pregnancy causing interruptions with your sleeping pattern are:


During pregnancy, it is prevalent to get back pain, especially in the early stages. What happens is that our body’s ligaments become pliable and stretches to gird you for the labour. This causes pain as a lot of strain is exerted on the lower back.


Fluid retention in one’s body may cause swelling or may press some nerves. This sometimes causes numbness or tingling effect. Also, the parts like your belly sometimes feel numb because of stretching out. This can even be cured by using a mattress for pregnancy. Such mattresses are developed, keeping all such factors in mind.


Hormonal changes with themselves bring digestive issues like heartburns. The main reason behind heartburn is the slowing down of the digestive system. The uterus also pushes pressure on the stomach causing stomach acids into the food pipes. Heartburns worsen while one lies, making it very difficult to sleep peacefully, so a mattress for pregnancy is advised.

4.Sleep Apnea:

An obstruction in the upper airways causes interrupted breathing. This disorder is known as sleep apnea and can be seen during pregnancy. This results in loud snoring or choking sounds disrupting the sleep. The quality of sleep deprives in this way.


Insomnia is often reported among pregnant women. This can be due to stress, anxiety, motherhood, labour, etc. Back pain, heartburns also cause loss of sleep. However, most women feel comfortable sleeping on a mattress for pregnancy and pillows for pregnancy to overcome any discomfort at night.

6.Urge to urinate:

Frequent urination becomes a part of life during pregnancy. It is one of the most common changes that occur. Frequent urge to urinate is also one of the prime reasons one has to get up repeatedly during the night. This disturbed sleep during the night leads to excessive day time tiredness. A medium firmness mattress for pregnancy can help in such cases.

Choosing the best mattress for pregnancy:

If you are pregnant and already missing your happy and relaxing sleep days due to interrupted continuously sleep, don’t worry. We have got it covered for you!

A lot of, and we mean it when we say so, many health issues will be resolved when you shift to the right mattress for pregnancy and the best pillow for pregnancy. Once you’ve invested in these two, you’ll see how comfortable your night’s sleep and daytime naps will get. 

With so many mattresses for pregnancy options out there, you get confused about choosing the right one. Let’s take a look at some of the features that shall ensure comfort and efficacy:

Mattress, which creates zero pressure points:

A memory foam mattress is the one that eliminates the chances of any pressure points. Memory foam mattresses are not only used by pregnant women but have also granted them a sound sleep. These mattresses adjust according to your body shape, making them too soft and comfortable.

Spine alignment:

With pregnancy, weight gain is quite average. However, this increased belly acts as a barrier for your comfortable sleep. Trying different positions to sleep may help, but certain functions exert extra strain on your spine. It’s essential to sleep with your spine aligned properly during pregnancy. A mattress that provides proper spine alignment will not only give you a sound sleep but will also prevent backaches.


Thickness can be your personal choice. However, it is observed that pregnant women find sleeping on an extra thick mattress for pregnancy more comfortable as compared to a regular mattress. The thicker mattresses are, the easier it is to get on and get out of it. Also, the cushiony feel helps relieve pain.

Organic mattress:

A natural material mattress is always suggested for pregnant women. While sleeping, the air we breathe becomes chemical-free if the mattress is organic. Organic mattresses are made of natural materials purifying the air around you. It is always advised to buy an organic mattress for pregnancy to keep yourself and your baby healthy.

The firmness of the mattress: A medium firmness mattress remains adequate during pregnancy. If a mattress is too soft, you’ll find yourself sinking in it. It will lead to continuous repositioning. The firmness should be medium, not too hard, and not too soft to support pregnancy.

Best pillow for pregnancy

Not only a mattress for pregnancy is enough for a cosy and comfortable sleep, but a pillow for pregnancy should also be used. A comfortable gel pillow for pregnancy will relieve all your pain from the spine, neck, and back. Gel pillows are effectively prevented leg cramps, back pains, and help ease insomniaGel pillows are suitable for better sleep as they are more breathable and odourless. Some qualities to look for if you are searching for the best pillow for pregnancy are:

  • Size: Various size pillows are available in the market. Pregnancy pillows can vary from a normal-sized pillow to body pillows. You may choose the one you are comfortable with.
  • Shape: The shape of a pillow is a significant determinant of the delights it shall provide. U-shaped pillows help your head to rest more easily. It also depends on your personal choice. A pillow will also give you comfort around the back or legs or even your baby bump.

Pregnancy can be bothersome and clumsy sometimes. Not getting enough sleep while your body is undergoing such dominant changes can only add to your problems. As much important, it is for you to get a good night’s sleep as it is for your unborn baby. It is essential to sleep well for proper nutrition and growth of the fetus. 

Investing in a mattress for pregnancy and a pillow for pregnancy is a long-term investment with rich benefits. Even if you find expensive or luxury mattress, don’t forget they’re going to last for seven to ten years easily. You do not even need to go out and buy one. Sit and order your best mattress for pregnancy or pillow for pregnancy online and get it delivered at your doorstep.

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