How to overcome Coronasomnia?

Sleepless nights due to Covid 19? Let’s talk about Coronasomnia and how to battle. 

Having trouble sleeping due to irregular sleep schedules, physical and mental illnesses, stress, and irregular food timings led to problems like insomnia. However today, the increase in sleep problems is related to the fear of contracting the virus and experts have claimed it to be Coronasomnia. 

Yes, as we battling the pandemic and dealing with its variants there is an increase in anxiety in minds of people. There is an anxiety of falling ill due to the coronavirus and this is called Coronosomnia. 

As Coronasomnia is harming day-to-day activities, sleep experts have found an increase in mental disorders in people leading to irregular thoughts and emotions

We bring to you 6 effective ways of living without fear to overcome Coronosomnia: 

1. Regularize your sleep schedule:

The quality of sleep improves when one maintains the same sleep timings. The novel Covid19 has been discussed each day over the past year. News channels and social media have done their best to bring the latest happening around the world. 

Discussions with friends and family on maintaining safety protocols and constant efforts to disinfect surfaces for the safety of family have certainly made our days longer than before. The world is dealing with the new normal affecting our sleep. 

Overcome the above anxiety by regularizing your sleep schedule: 

  • Maintain the same time of going to bed and waking up.
  • Keep yourself abreast with the latest news about your city through newspapers and refrain from watching too many forwards and videos on your cell phone. This keeps your anxiety levels lower. 
  • Turn off all the electronic devices 30 min before sleep. This helps calm your mind and allows your body to relax. 
  • Maintain a fixed time to sleep. Tune in your body clock to the same time of falling asleep. This ensures you have a long restful and quality sleep. 

2. Create an ideal bedroom and bedtime routine:

A bedroom is a bedroom and not your office or your child’s play area. Keep it neat and clean. A good mattress laid with beautiful bedspreads and colorful cushions to go with makes your bedroom look appealing. Let the windows open during the day for enough sunlight and air to flow in. 

  • Avoid taking naps during the day to help you fall asleep at night and improve your sleep cycle.
  • Create a warm ambiance. Change your regular tube lights to warm LED lights.
  • Use fragrance for better sleep. Lit an aromatic candle or use essential oil to help you calm your mind and sleep faster. 
  • Read a book before your sleep. 

The above helps you to fight high levels of anxiety and stress. Investment in a mattress that is designed to battle sleep deprivation and insomnia can boost your immunity levels, increases the sex drive, reduces obesity and Coronosomnia. 

3. Turn off the alarm clock and switch to the right mattress: 

This is a great tip that experts provide. Avoid looking at the clock which helps you wake up. Instead, tune in your body clock to wake up on time. The hormone melatonin regulates the body’s day and night rhythm. A regular time of sleep and wake up improve the circadian rhythm and the desire to wake up on its own is after a complete and satisfying rest. 

Mattress and pillow made for sleep deprivation provide complete rest to body and mind. When the mind is at rest, it least neither allows any negative thoughts nor builds in any fear of developing illness due to the pandemic. Thus keeping Coronasomnia at bay. 

4. Practice meditation:

Poor sleep weakens the immune system and reduces attention span. The mind is racing even when we are at rest. Fear and anxiety mount at night just when we want to sleep. This is because when we are finished with the day’s busy schedule, we tune our minds towards what’s happening around us. 

Stop this kind of restlessness by practicing simple breathing techniques before you go to sleep. Practice simple yoga techniques to help you sleep better. Oxiginate yourself enough to feel better and include these new routines before your bedtime and avoid struggling with Coronosomnia. 

5. Include Physical activities: 

The pandemic has cut down on physical activities. Sleep helps recover your body and exercise helps sleep better. This sounds inter-related, isn’t it? 

Studies have proven that daily exercise helps your sleep sound. It is well noted that any workout done in the morning hours keeps the body active throughout the day and helps the body retire on time in the night.

To make it highly effective make sure to:

  • Avoid caffeine past 5 pm 
  • And if you would like to drink, start early and stick to the 1 or 2 drink rules.

6. Seek help:

You are not alone in battling Coronosomnia. There are a million others with similar issues that the pandemic has caused. Fear of catching the illness or anxiety of what might happen to their life or worrying about the future. When such fear mounts in, try to think over things that are under your control. For example, you cannot control the spread of the virus however you can control and prevent the outbreak in your house by applying safety protocols. 

Seeking help is another effective way. Speak to experts and doctors who can help calm you down and address your fears. Also speaking to your spouse or your best friend can help you overcome coronasomnia and can help you sleep better. 

As the entire world is dealing with the pandemic and battling sleep issues, the above tips and suggestions help you sleep better. Use of the right mattress that helps tackle insomnia helps you have a night of uninterrupted sleep. As technology advanced, some premium mattress company has designed the high-tech device to collect the sleep data and analytics help you understand sleep pattern and helps you take corrective action. Choose wisely!!. 

So, beat the fear of Coronosomnia with our simple tips and suggestions made above, and stay safe, stay healthy and sleep tight. 

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