Hypopressive gymnastics: get perfect abs by staying in bed

Are sweat and fatigue really necessary to have a toned body? Yes, but … maybe not!

Aerobic activity (the one that makes you breathe heavily) is a real panacea for the metabolism, the heart, the lungs and diabetes, but anaerobic exercises can also do wonders. For example, anaerobic workout allows the construction of muscles, burns calories and helps not to gain weight

Hypopressive gymnastics was created in 1980 by Dr. Marcel Caufriez and was initially applied in post-partum rehabilitation before finding its way into the world of fitness, prevention and sports preparation.

What is the hypopressive gymnastics workout?

The hypopressive technique for the abdominal muscles stimulates the type 1 muscle fibers, the most common type of fibers in the abdominal fascia, but unlike the classic “crunches” (the traditional abdominal exercises) it does not increase the pressure inside the abdomen. An excessive and repeated increase in internal pressure would cause problems such as incontinence, loss of pelvic support, diastasis.

How can I perform hypopressive gymnastics exercises?

You can do abdominal exercises even when lying down, preferably on a mat… or on a good mattress. The basic technique involves inhaling air, inflating the chest by emptying the abdomen (which gets “sucked” inwards) and holding the breath for 10-15 seconds. To perform these exercises perfectly it is always good to be careful or consult an expert, both for contraindications (especially when pregnancy, diseases of internal organs, hypertension or other factors are concerned) and because you can get maximum results only if each movement is done correctly.
It is possible to find a number of online tutorials made by qualified instructors who teach the basics of this “low-impact” technique.

The benefits of hypopressive gymnastics

  • More toned abdominal muscles
  • Waistline reduction
  • Prevention of hernias
  • Regularization of breath
  • Toned pelvic floor
  • Less chance of constipation
  • Stimulation of the perineum
  • improvement of sexual functions

And you can get everything without leaving your Magniflex mattress. What else could you ask for? ????

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