Massaging the head to induce a sense of wellbeing

There’s a gentle, delicate and very pleasant way to achieve a sense of wellbeing. It’s something suggestive, a cuddle which – quite literally – causes dependence. We’re talking about a head massage.
While it is important not to improvise do-it-yourself methods and to rely on the guidance of a professional masseuse, especially when it comes to massaging the more delicate parts of the body, stimulating the scalp happens to be open to everyone (naturally, unless there are specific doctor’s orders otherwise).


Head massage: it’s benefits

Firstly, a sense of peace and bliss, which is rather valuable. Plus, the elimination of stress. Other benefits provided by a head massage are the reactivation of blood flow in the scalp area (which apparently also helps to stimulate the health of a person’s hair) and muscle relaxation.


Head massage: how to perform one

Gently caress the head skin, that’s pretty much all there is to it. Anyone who’s tried the experience will tell you that a very light touch is all that’s needed for you to in turn “touch the sky”. You can start from the top of the scalp, applying pressure with the fingers, following a circular motion, to then reach the area around the ears. At this point, start by gently caressing the area with the help of your fingertips and the palm of the hand. The top part of the scalp, when massaged, induces a sense of relaxation, while the area behind the ears alleviates tension.


Head massage: oils and lotions

The skin of the head is a very delicate part of the body; while it is crucial not to apply excessive pressure with the fingers and to absolutely avoid scratching with the nails, you may though, opt to enrich the massage with essential oils or lotions. A good herbalist can recommend the product most suited to your skin. Popular choices include coconut, linen, castor, or nettle.


Head massage: when and how long

A few minutes is enough, for instance before washing your hair and then repeating 2 or 3 times per week. Massaging the scalp before going to bed is likely to improve your sleep. And if you have a partner, then all the better: exchanging head massages will boost your intimacy!


Head massage: interesting fact

Legend has it that none other than Julius Caesar, who was no stranger to baldness, regularly had masseuses perform head massages on him, preceding what centuries later would become known as the Hair Spa.

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