The “4-7-8” method to fall asleep in just a few seconds

Who wouldn’t like to fall asleep in just a minute? For many, that sounds too good to be true, while for others it has already become a reality. But how? Well, it’s not a magic trick, but a proven “scientific” method that is based on a person’s respiration and respiratory rate.

The “4-7-8” method acts like a natural tranquilizer on the nervous system and can get you to fall asleep in just 60 seconds. Invented by Andrew Weil, an American doctor who graduated from Harvard University, it does not involve the use of any type of medical product, but is based on how we pace our breathing in order to get rid of all the nervous tension that we’ve built-up during the day.

But what is it, precisely? In a video on Youtube, Mr. Weil explains the procedure: you take a big first breath and exhale all the air in the lungs. Then, with your mouth closed, you start inhaling air through the nose and silently count up to four in your mind. You then hold your breath for seven seconds and exhale through your mouth for eight seconds. According to Dr. Weil, you should repeat the procedure three times.

This technique, based on pranayama – which literally means “to rhythmically control your respiration” – has a relaxing effect on the parasympathetic nervous system and helps you feel more relaxed. According to Dr. Weil, the “4-7-8” method can also remove anxiety and negative thoughts.

“I instantly felt more relaxed after trying it”, claims Dr. Weil in his brief interview on YouTube. “For years, I had been taking medication for my anxiety, but nothing has ever proven as helpful as this method”.
It may take a bit of a practice before you achieve satisfactory results, but trying this at least twice a day for about a couple of months, you should see the method do its magic! ????

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