Top 4 Best Pillows For Neck Pain Today

What is neck pain ?

Are you feeling neck pain lately?

Which is the best pillow for neck pain?

Have you ever considered thinking about what might be causing it? Well, the neck can sometimes give the most unbearable pain due to various reasons. At times, the pain even goes on to the shoulders, head, and even arm. Usually, neck pain goes away within a few days or weeks. But, it meddles with daily activities like sleeping, concentrating, and also the ability to dress up.

What if getting a best pillow is the answer for your neck pain? If that’s the case then lets get the best pillow in India and get rid of all our neck issues.

Do you know sleeping on the right mattress helps in relieving lower back pain?

Your neck pain may often cause stiffness in the shoulder. Prolonged neck pain can lead to spondylitis. If the pain continues for months, then it must be immediately addressed by a medical professional or you can consider buying a best pillow for neck pain.

Reasons for neck pain

Sometimes, it happens that one fails to comprehend the underlying medical condition that is causing the neck pain. It could happen because of prolonged staring at the laptop or sleeping in a very uncomfortable position. Most of the time, the pain remains acute but sometimes (rarely though), it can also become chronic. But the most common reasons that become the cause of neck pain are:

Bad posture

If you are hunching over the computer screen or a laptop for long period, it can give stress on the neck. This results in slight stiffness in the neck and the inability to move the neck sideways for some time. The ‘text neck’ or the pain that is caused in the neck after looking straight down at your phone, can also cause the most unbearable neck pain which yes, could be made better using a best pillow for neck pain.

Awkward sleeping position / wrong pillow

This point shouldn’t need an elaborate explanation. Almost everyone has this habit of sleeping with the head placed at a bad angle. But the ordeal is waking up with a stiff neck in the morning. Again, people hardly consider the fact whether the pillow they are using to rest their head has the right amount of hardness or not. Sleeping on an extremely hard or soft pillow can contribute to severe neck pain. Some people even have the habit of sleeping on two-three pillows, which can also give the worst neck pain. 

Continuous motions

If you are in the field of sports and dance, you may frequently experience neck pain due to repetitive motion. When the head is turned from side to side repeatedly while dancing or swimming, it may lead to the overuse of muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the neck. This would not cause any stiffness but can lead to pain while moving the neck sideways.

Stress and Anxiety

In many cases, it is seen that neck pain is also caused by emotional stress and even low moral support. All these factors can also become potential factors for neck pain. Sometimes, smoking is also a risk factor that can cause neck pain. 

Remedies for neck pain

Neck pain is one of those human body problems that revolves on its own with self-care at home. In some cases, some guidance from a medical professional can help to cure it. Some of the self-care remedies that have been proven beneficial for neck pain are:


Rest is the cure of all bodily problems. In the case of excruciating neck pain, strenuous activities and movements must be avoided as much as possible. But this should not mean any movement or activity. A minimal movement must also be done to prevent the neck pain from becoming even harsher which can be avoided using the best pillow.

Applying ice or heat

In most cases, applying ice can help in reducing the pain. At times, applying heat can also help to relax the muscles and bring in more blood flow to the injured area. Either of these two methods must not be done continuously. It is best for neck pain to reduce if done for at least 15 to 20 minutes with at least a 2-hour break in between.


If a particular movement or stretching is found to alleviate the neck pain, then it must be stopped immediately, and instead, a different and gentle movement must be tried. This will help in reducing the stiffness and thereby, reduce the pain. 

Changing lifestyle

Bringing changes to the regular lifestyle can help in reducing neck pain. One can adopt a more physically active lifestyle with enough activities. The ones who are in the habit of smoking can start reducing it. As far as possible, one should maintain a proper posture while sleeping. 

The right pillow to cure neck pain!

Two of the most major problems that alleviate neck pain are pillow and sleep posture. However, there isn’t much that can be done to the right sleeping posture, but the right pillow can bring relief to most of the pain. How would you feel if you find out that you have been using the wrong pillow for a long time?

Yes, no one would feel any better. Therefore, now it is necessary to find the right pillow that will give nothing but the best sleep. In this case, there is a concern over how to find the best pillow for neck pain. Along with a pillow, you should consider your orthopedic mattress too. Find the best memory foam mattress in India.

Some of the factors that one needs to consider while buying a pillow are:


If one is in the habit of sleeping on the back, then a pillow with a cervical spine would suit the best. If one likes to sleep on the side, then choosing a slightly higher pillow would sound right. This would help in keeping the head in line with the spine. Also, while traveling, a U-shaped pillow can keep the head upright and one can have a good sleep even while sitting up.


The shape and material of a pillow are personal preferences, but there is always best to check for the pillow fill. For example, a memory foam pillow compresses around one’s head and keeps the neck’s shape in line with the spine. Feather pillows are also good but their shape does not remain the same over time. Importantly, it is essential to always use a pillow cover, to prevent dust allergies.

Pillow height

Some people are in the habit of sleeping on higher pillows. If neck pain is a problem for them, then it is best that they avoid it. Higher pillows create craniocervical pressure which can result in stiffness in the neck if one sleeps in that position for the whole night. 

Weight of the fill

Although foam and latex are heavier fills, they keep on shrinking with time. Therefore, one needs to re-fill them again to maintain a thorough weight all the time. Also, it is important to select the highest quality pillow that would suit one’s budget. After all, quality means comfort, support, and longevity. 

List Of Best Pillows For Neck Pain In India

1.Magniflex Virtuoso Mallow Standard Pillow

A best pillow that helps calm your neck pain and nervous systems providing you with undisrupted sleep makes your day energetic and vibrant. The nervous system is the most important part of human well-being and when taken care of with the excellent support of a Virtuoso mallow pillow, life is as beautiful and healthy as you can think of.

2. New Magnigel Deluxe Standard Pillow

Magniflex Magnigel mattress uses a highly breathable material that helps dispose of the heat and allows great movement of air circulation. One pillow that comes with many qualities, highly recommended by the doctors for neck pain, fabrics that are hypoallergenic, Anti-fungal, and anti-dust mite treated makes you sleep deeper every night

3. Magniflex Double Comfort Pillow

Double comfort pillow by Magniflex, takes best care of your neck, shoulder, head pain and spinal system. Viscose fabric which allows excellent air circulation through the night removes sweat and moisture. So finally a pillow that lets you sleep undisturbed without turning and twisting.

4.Magniflex Relax Pillow

A pillow for neck pain comes with a patented memory foam is long-lasting, easy to use, and implements weight-induced technology. This exclusive feature help provides great support to your cervical area. With an anti-dustmite, antibacterial treated covers one can ensure safe and hygienic sleep

Summing up!

Sleep and rest are the most important necessities in everyone’s life. If these two necessities bring discomfort to a person, then there would arise a great concern. In order to avoid any sort of discomfort, one must do everything to have the best sleep.

Sometimes, neck pain is caused because of the mentioned factors. To make sure that this does not happen, one must find the best pillow for neck pain that would only give rest to his/her body and not any discomfort. Choosing the right pillow isn’t a great deal, but keeping in mind all the necessary factors is. Therefore, every time you want to buy a pillow, make sure that you consider all these factors. Get India’s best Orthopedic Pillow from Magniflex India.

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