The superior quality of materials: Memoform by Magniflex

When someone says, “Memory”, you instantly think about a mattressGoogle confirms that too, revealing that over the past five years, users have increasingly searched for the terms “memory mattress” and “memory foam mattress”.


The characteristics of the memory foam mattress

The word “foam” in the name is meant to describe the original material, which is foamy and “cast” in special molds during the production process. Once it has dried, the foam changes into a thick and flexible material that adapts to the shape of the body and supports it. The other term, “memory”, refers to the foam’s ability to resume its original shape regardless of the pressure applied by the body while asleep. Memory foam mattress, therefore, adapts to the body’s shape and provides a physically balanced support, while never losing its shape over time.


Memory foam: are they all the same?

The answer is a clear and definite “no”. Factors such as the engineering of the manufacturing process, the size of the cells and the variety of materials used in the production create huge differences between the poor-quality products and the superior-quality mattresses.


Memoform by Magniflex: superior-quality memory foam

For over 55 years Magniflex has been the leader in the field of quality sleep products. You don’t achieve and maintain that sort of status without continuously investing in research. Even when it comes to the production of a memory foam, the R&D division of Magniflex is never satisfied with the technology and manufacturing processes currently available but is always striving to improve the overall quality and the endurance of the mattresses in the memory foam category.

The Memoform manufactured by Magniflex has a very high-density, open cell structure that facilitates air circulation and prevents moisture stagnation and unpleasant odors.

Unlike other mattresses made of memory foam, our Memoform layers are not heat-sensitive (whereas other foams rely on a “heating” time to enable the mattress to provide a full anatomical response and therefore tend to stiffen during the winter months), but respond to the body’s weight, instantly adapting to the body of the person sleeping on the mattress. The body’s convexity and concavity are thus supported in the most complete way possible from the moment the person lies down on the mattress, allowing the spine to distend naturally, blood to circulate properly without restrictions or pressure, and the joints to rest in total comfort.

Another key aspect is the mechanism by which certain materials allow the foam to expand. Whereas most kinds of memory foam contain the chemical residues (that are often permanent) of the additives used in production, the Memoform by Magniflex expands thanks to a material that is natural par excellence: water. The use of water instead of chemical solvents makes the mattresses in Memoform non-toxic.

One last but definitely not neglectable difference between Memoform and the other types of viscose-elastic foams, is the support’s performance which, thanks to the special manufacturing process of Magniflex, facilitates and does not hinder the body’s normal movements.

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