Turning the bed into a gym – part 1

Is it possible to exercise without getting out of bed? Yes, of course, and no, we’re not kidding! There are several exercises that will help you improve your physical shape without having to leave your beloved mattress. Because yes, staying fit and in shape is important…but sometimes laziness and lack of time have the best of us, and it becomes hard to put in the effort it takes to practice sports in the “traditional” way. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to bring your work-out sessions directly into the bedroom. For this first part, and for the next two, remember to consult your doctor or personal trainer before you proceed with the exercises, especially if they are not practical or if you suffer from bone or joint issues. Also, refer Daily workout ideas – starting from your living room


Exercises for you to practice in bed in the morning

While you’re waiting to regain full strength, the bed is the ideal place to awaken the body with gentle and relaxing exercises.

1. a muscle massage
it’s best to start out avoiding the possibility of injuries, massaging the muscles, moving from the arms (the right-hand massages the left forearm and bicep and the left-hand does the same with the other arm) towards the legs, abdomen and shoulders, then making your way back up to the neck, face and head, which will stimulate blood circulation and warm up your muscles. After a couple of minutes massaging the body, you’ll be ready to move on with the other exercises to awaken your motor skills

2. crossed movement
this exercise should be practised lying down on your back and consists of a crossed movement of the legs and arms. Simultaneously lift the right arm and left leg to then do the same (after having rested the right arm and left leg) with the other arm and leg. This exercise is designed to “warm-up” the brain and to prepare the mind to face the day. It can be practised for 40-60 seconds

3. twist of the torso
now it’s time to sit down with your legs crossed (the classic Yoga position). At this point, start twisting the torso to the right and left, accompanying the movement with the head and arms. The exercise should be repeated until you’ve completed 10 twists of the torso to the right and 10 to the left

4. movement of the hip
it happens quite often (more than you’d think, actually) that while you’re asleep (especially for those who sleep bundled up on one side), the position of the waist is unnatural, and this may contribute to intensifying lower back pain problems. In recumbent position, gently arch the lower back until it has room to “breathe”. Lying down on your stomach, push the buttocks upward, until air flows beneath the groin. 10 movements with the stomach facing up and 10 with the stomach facing down can help awaken the waist

5. the handgrip
before you get up out of bed, it’s advisable to give your hands a firm impulse, since you’ll probably be moving them all day long. Sitting down, move your arms forward and start to quickly close and open your hands for 30 seconds.


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Off you go now, it’s breakfast time!

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