Vintage relax: 4 things we discovered 10 years ago

Amongst all the imaginable luxuries, one thing is probably the most precious that a person can imagine and posses: time.

Having time for yourself, your relationships, your passions and time for enjoying life. This is the luxury that all of us, without distinction, are lacking.

So let’s stop for a minute and – with the help of this post – let’s us try and go back in time… Let’s go back about ten years to the same sector of wellbeing and relaxation; what were the latest trends in 2009?


2009: a year of crisis

This was a very difficult time and many people were in serious economic difficulties. In these conditions, social differences became more apparent, and people with less money often adopted less healthy lifestyles, drowning their pessimism in alcohol, sweets and cigarettes. The context of 10 years ago is crucial for truly understanding the emerging trends in that period.


1) Lifestyle: an individual response to a social crisis

In some areas of the world, especially the US, obesity had reached worrying levels. In those years, people responded to the erosion of economic certainty by starting to develop the concept of a “routine”, in other words a structured path towards their physical, mental and emotional improvement. It was reassuring to define a path that helped to focus on the future and – when it was followed – it was a natural boost for self-confidence. The idea of a routine rotated around food, sports, reading, meditation, and destinations. Physical wellbeing as a value for a healthy lifestyle was also finally embraced by less affluent parts of the population, who responded to the crisis by planning a less optimistic future for their children, thus contributing to the growth of the market for natural and whole foods.


2) Spas prepare for the future

Spas more or less everywhere were changing from places of care to wellbeing centers, offering high-profile medical services next to treatments for rheumatism and otolaryngology, and were also starting to offer beauty and wellness treatments.


3) The revenge of senior citizens

Exercises and tools for the wellbeing of the brain, activities, passions and sports in the open air. In those years, post-retirement age changed from being a cursed period of life to one that should be enjoyed to the fullest.


4) The dawn of superfoods

Superfoods, a virtuous marriage between food technology and nature, were at the very beginning stages and exploded shortly afterwards, arriving also on the supermarket shelves.

What are you reading? How did you relax 10 years ago?

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