Wake-up headaches. What are they?

Even if you feel that you have rested, it’s still possible to have a thumping headache in the morning. So what causes it? While it may be advisable to consult your doctor to avert any more serious problems, a morning headache could be an alarm triggered by our body to tell us that a change is needed, that although we may feel relaxed, we haven’t recharged out batteries sufficiently during the night. More precisely, a headache is a sign of insufficient sleep and poor sleep quality.

It is a very common phenomenon among adults and is referred to as sleep-related headache. It mostly affects those who are in the habit of sleeping only a few hours, or watching a film before going to bed, or those who try to recover the sleep lost during the week on the weekend, by sleeping in!

Getting only a few hours’ sleep or keeping up with bad habits before going to bed can cause headaches and migraines.

Morning headaches: well-being starts at the table

Good habits start at dinner, which is often consumed too close to bedtime. We should eat at least three hours before so we go to bed on an empty stomach, when the digestion process is already well under way. We should naturally avoid big meals, caffeine, and alcohol.

Morning headaches: how to prepare yourself for relaxation

Immediately before going to bed, avoid physical or stimulating activities: they can cause the body to put adrenaline and histamine back into circulation, two modulators in the brain that promote wakefulness. For the same reason, it is wise to avoid working or studying in the evening.
So what should we do? Relaxing activities such as reading a book, listening to soft music, and – above all – going to sleep and waking up always at the same time. By setting our alarm clock for the same time every day, it creates a habit that regularises our sleep pattern and helps avoid exceptions.

Morning headaches: if we don’t have a good mattress, even our head suffers

Last, but not least in order of importance, are the mattress and pillows we use. To ensure the most beneficial sleep possible, there is nothing better than a good Magniflex system with cutting-edge mattresses and pillows offering maximum comfort to cuddle and support any dreamer in a natural way. Even people who suffer from sleep-related headaches will wake up to a whole new morning!

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