Carezza Mattress

Providing a soft and light sensation on the skin throughout the night, Carezza makes the body come into direct contact with the core of the mattress. The cozy Memoform adapts perfectly to the shape of your body, providing unsurpassed comfort.

Height 20 cm
Fabric Viscose Fabric
Comfort Level Medium soft
Product BenefitsBreathable, Cozy, Extra comfort 
Internal Structure Eliosoft 15 cm, Memoform 5 cm
Warranty 12 years
Certifications OEKO-TEX®, MADE IN ITALY

Core materials of Super soft Carezza mattress

Memoform inside the cool gel mattress


Memoform is the most anatomical of the materials used by Magniflex. The Memoform is designed to react to the weight of the body so that it adapts perfectly to each contour of the human figure. This feature provides a sensation of well-being and has beneficial effects on the spine, enabling it to relax.

Eliosoft foam for mattress

Eliosoft Foam

Pure and breathable foam developed to give extra cushioning to Magniflex mattresses

Mattress Height :

20 cm

Warranty :

12 years

Features of soft Mattress - Carezza


The cover in Viscose, soft and breathable, makes the mattress comfortable and silky to the touch and has a greater ability to dissipate sweat, thus favoring breathability. In addition, it is easily removable and machine washable same here can you wash it yourself or have to take it to dry cleaners

Comfort Level

The layer in Memoform (5 cm) instantly responds to the body weight by perfectly adapting to its shape, and providing a warm comfort and anatomical support to the whole body.

Base Layer

The layer in Eliosoft (15 cm) is designed to provide optimal support to your back. Due to its structure, it provides gentle support without causing a compression to the spine.

Benefits of soft bed mattress​

Our physical and mental health depend on getting a good night’s sleep. Sleeping on a soft mattress allows us to unwind and rejuvenate.A soft bed mattress is intended to provide your body with comfort and support. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and thicknesses. Some mattresses are firm, while others are plush or memory foam.

Super soft mattress

Super soft mattresses are a kind of mattress built to provide the best quality sleep with a super soft, cozy feel, ensuring that you rest well at night without any discomfort. These mattresses are made of special materials that make them mattresses smoother. Memo form and Eliosoft foam are major components of this kind of mattress.

Soft foam mattress

If you are a side sleeper suffering from back pain, using a soft mattress can help relieve those pressure points at night and make you feel more relaxed. People with hip or joint pain should also use the soft mattress as this mattress is built with unique quality material that focuses on relieving the pain in the joints. A soft mattress will reduce or remove the pain in the joints.
Using a these mattress is a great advantage if you want to secure your muscles before any damage. A soft foam mattress is the best solution if you like sinking in your mattress. It gives you the superior feel of a premium-quality mattress.

Use of Soft foam mattress - Carezza

A mattress’s firmness and stiffness are determined by its materials. Carezza mattress is designed and constructed using two main components Memofoam and Eliosoft Foam. These both ensure that the quality of the mattress remains intact and the exclusive quality is maintained.
Soft foam mattress helps with a lot of body pain-related issues and are versatile, which means that the mattress quality is maintained and is not degraded over time. Soft foam mattresses are usually more delicate than ordinary foam mattresses. The unique material used in this mattress is Memo foam and Eliosoft foam.

The best soft mattress in India

If you are looking for the best soft mattress in India, you seek premium quality and exclusively designed mattresses. Well, try using the all-new Carezza mattress. It is the best soft mattress in India. This special mattress allows your body to come in direct contact with the mattress’s core, providing you with the best quality sleep. Magniflex has been the signature of superiority in bed mattresses for over 60 years. With our strong and loyal customer base, we have maintained our position as the best mattress brand worldwide.

The most comfortable soft mattress

The Carezza mattress is the most comfortable soft mattress that one should try to leverage the superior quality sleep and healthy sleep. It is specifically designed to support the joints and elevate the pressure points that help make you feel more comfortable. It supports the points right where you need them, so you don’t have to hassle around to find the best spot while sleeping. It also provides a sink-in feel, which acts as a cherry on the cake. Carezza mattress is fueled with all the features necessary to make your sleep more restful.


Who should use a soft bed mattress

There are some kinds of people, based on your sleeping style and body weight, who are advised to use specifically a soft bed mattress. Some of them are as follows:

Back sleepers: Back sleepers are advised to use a slightly soft bed mattress as these mattresses allow the hips to sink in, eliminating the chances of hip and joint pain while sleeping. Keeping your health prospects in mind, it is the best match for back sleepers. Additionally, it also reduces the pressure on the food pipe while sleeping or resting. 

People with increased weight– Soft bed mattress is a very good option to consider for heavy-weight people as it ensures that they get to sleep as comfortably as possible and assists them by providing more support per their body weight.

Side sleepers– If you are a side sleeper, you would be aware that your spine is the most vulnerable while lying on the mattress. So a soft bed mattress helps keep your spine in position by applying adequate pressure. To make sure that your spine stays in proper alignment while sleeping.


Which mattress should I look for that offers more space?

If you are searching for a mattress that should give you more than enough room for sleeping and rest, try going for the king-size memory foam soft mattress. These special mattresses will provide plenty of room and space and cater to a smooth and firm feel. This adds up to extra comfort.

Can I use a soft mattress for a double bed?

Yes, you can use a soft bed mattress for a double bed to make yourself more comfortable while sleeping. Try using the Carezza mattress. It will satisfy all your health and quality-related prospects.

Where to get the soft mattress online?

Visit Magniflex’s main website, or go to a Magniflex store nearby to get a better idea of the ideal mattress suitable for your health prospects. We have a wide variety of premium standard mattresses to maintain sleep quality. Our main focus is to improve the sleep quality of our customers without sacrificing their user experience through our quality mattresses.