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Armonia Memoform Dual

Adapting to every shape and every movement

Armonia Memoform Dual offers countless options for you to customize the comfort level to suit your individual needs. Simply replace the inner topper and you’ll instantly have a different comfort level. The toppers are available in the following materials: Magnigel, Memoform, Latex and Elioform. In addition, the mattress features our patented Dual Core technology, which allows couples to choose the preffered comfort with a quick zip and flip. All of which in 30 cm of height.
Ratings :

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Additional Information


30 cm (12 Inch)


Outlast / Viscose

Comfort Level

Medium Firm / Firm

Product Benefits

Dual Core technology, Thermo-regulating, Extra Comfort, Embracing, Medium Support

Internal Structure

Memoform padding 2 cm, padding in super soft fibre, Eliosoft 10 cm, Elioform 10 cm, Removable Memoform topper 6 cm


12 years




Dual Core Technology

This technology divides the mattress into two cores, providing two different types of support. This versatility makes the product line suitable for different physiques and ensures a harmonious rest even for people with widely different comfort requirements. The internal core of Eliosoft and Elioform offers either a Soft or Firm comfort, depending on your preference.


Outlast Fabric

It was originally designed for astronaut space suits. This material absorbs the excess heat, allowing for maximum comfort in hot or cold weather.

Viscose Fabric

Another key material used in the construction of Armonia mattresses is Viscose. This soft fabric is made from purified tree cellulose and absorbs moisture, ensuring a highly breathable mattress.


The Composition

The Armonia line of mattresses is built with an internal core of Eliosoft and Elioform wave and features patented Dual Core technology. This technology divides the mattress into two cores, providing the epitome of extra comfort. With its thermo-regulating properties, the Armonia line of mattresses is truly sleep reimagined.

Mattress Height :

30 cms (12" thick)

Warranty :

12 years


Ergonomic & Orthopedic

Patented designs, expert craftsmanship, and a commitment to comfort come together in Armonia to provide you with the best sleep experience. The orthopedic design is specially created to support the natural curves of your spine, keeping it aligned as you rest.



Bring the peace of nature into your bedroom with Armonia. The mattress features natural wood fabric on the top and bottom, providing excellent air circulation for a highly breathable sleep surface.

Finest rare fibres

Thermo Regulating

Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer with the finest rare fibers used in the construction of Armonia. These materials help regulate your body temperature so that you sleep comfortably all year long.

Hypoallergenic Fabric​

Hypoallergenic Fabric

This mattress is recommended by orthopedics and features hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, and anti-dust mite-treated fabrics, ensuring a deep and restful sleep for people of all skin types, adults and children alike.


Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Dustmite

With Armonia's anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite-treated covers, you can say goodbye to allergens, bacteria, and dust mites. The patented materials used in mattress construction also help keep the mattress odorless, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.


Washable and Removable Covers With Zipper

Armonia comes with a washable, removable zipper cover that makes it easy to keep your mattress hygienic and fresh. With this feature, you can enjoy a comfortable, restful sleep every night.

Armonia from Magniflex - A Mattress That Offers Unmatched Comfort

A vital aspect of our daily life is sleep. It is a time when our body gets much-needed rest and rejuvenation. The quality of sleep you get each night depends on many factors, including your mattress. A good mattress should provide proper support and comfort to help you get a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep.

Armonia from Magniflex is a comfort mattress that promises to deliver the perfect sleep experience. This mattress is made with high-quality materials and features advanced technologies to provide ultimate comfort. It is designed to cater to the unique needs of every individual, making it one of the best comfort mattresses in India.

Materials Used in Armonia

Armonia from Magniflex is made with a combination of top-notch materials that work together to deliver maximum comfort. The mattress is made with super soft fiber, memoform, Magnigel foam, Magnifoam Eliosoft, Magnifoam Elioform, and latex. These materials are carefully chosen to ensure that the mattress is both supportive and comfortable.

The mattress also features an Outlast® Viscose cover that provides a soft and comfortable sleeping surface. This cover is temperature-regulating and helps to keep your body temperature constant throughout the night.

Benefits of Armonia

Armonia from Magniflex offers a range of benefits that make it a top choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and supportive mattress. Among the benefits of this mattress are:

  1. Temperature regulation: Armonia is designed to regulate your body temperature, ensuring that you sleep comfortably throughout the night.
  2. Extra comfort: The mattress offers added softness and contouring to the whole body, providing maximum comfort while you sleep.
  3. Breathability: Armonia features an increased level of airflow, making it breathable and ensuring that you sleep cool and comfortably.
  4. Enveloping: The mattress is designed to embrace and cuddle you, providing a comfortable and cozy sleeping experience.
  5. Stretching system: Armonia features a patented stretching system that decompresses your spinal column while increasing the space between the vertebrae. This system provides the perfect balance of support and comfort.
  6. Coolness: The mattress offers a cool sensation to the body all night long, ensuring that you sleep comfortably.

Support Provided by Armonia

Armonia from Magniflex provides support that allows the back to maintain proper posture. The support is divided into three types: firm, medium, and soft. The medium support is perfect for those who prefer balanced support. The mattress is 30 cm high and provides the perfect balance of support and comfort.


Magniflex offers a 12-year warranty on Armonia, ensuring that you can sleep comfortably knowing that your mattress is protected.

Dual Core System

Armonia is based on the innovative Dual Core bed system invented by Magniflex. This system allows couples to choose their preferred comfort with a quick zip and flip. The king-size version of the mattress is formed by two separate parts that can be turned upside down, providing different levels of support on each side. This system makes it possible for couples to customize their sleeping experience based on their individual needs.


Armonia is certified by the highest industry associations and specialized institutes, making it a top choice for anyone looking for a quality and reliable mattress. The mattress is made in Italy and is OEKO-TEX® Class I certified.

Customizable Topper Materials

The Armonia comfort mattress from Magniflex offers the ability to customize the mattress to suit the individual needs of each person. The toppers are designed to be combined independently, allowing for different levels of support on each side of the mattress. This is especially important for couples who may have different comfort preferences.

Topper in Magnigel Foam

The Magnigel Foam topper, which is 6cm thick, is a soft, cool, and breathable material that provides an exceptional level of comfort. When combined with the Eliosoft layer, it offers a soft comfort that is perfect for those who prefer a plush and cuddly feel. The Magnigel Foam provides a cooling sensation to the body throughout the night, ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep.

Topper in Memoform

The Memoform topper, which is 6 cm thick, is an incredibly cozy material that adapts to the shape of the body. It provides a light and relaxing feel, making it the perfect choice for those who prefer medium-firm comfort mattress. When combined with the Eliosoft layer, the Memoform topper provides a balanced support that is sure to provide a comfortable and restful sleep.

Topper in Latex

The latex topper, which is 6cm thick, is a highly flexible and ergonomic material that offers a wonderful feeling of relaxation. When combined with the Eliosoft layer, it provides a medium-soft comfort that is perfect for those who prefer a slightly softer feel. The latex topper is ideal for those who require a mattress that can provide a good balance between support and comfort.


1.What makes a mattress comfortable? 

A comfortable mattress is typically made of high-quality materials and is designed to provide proper support and pressure relief for the body. The right level of firmness, cushioning, and contouring are also important factors in determining a mattress’s comfort level.

2. What is the most comfortable mattress in India? 

The Armonia mattress from Magniflex is considered one of the most comfortable mattresses in India. It features Dual Core Technology, Outlast Fabric, and Viscose Fabric, and is built with an internal core of Eliosoft and Elioform wave, providing both soft and firm support options.

3. What is Dual Core Technology in a mattress? 

Dual Core Technology is a patented design that divides a mattress into two cores, providing two different types of support for people with varying comfort requirements.

4. What is Outlast Fabric and how does it contribute to comfort? 

Outlast Fabric is a material originally designed for astronaut space suits. It absorbs extra heat, providing maximum comfort in hot or cold weather.

5. How does the composition of the Armonia mattress contribute to its comfort? 

The Armonia mattress is built with an internal core of Eliosoft and Elioform wave and features Dual Core Technology for custom support options. It also has thermoregulating properties, making for a highly comfortable sleep experience.

6. Is the cover of the Armonia mattress washable and removable?

Yes, the Armonia mattress comes with a removable, zipper-enabled cover that can be dry-cleaned to maintain hygiene and freshness.

7. Can I wash the covers of the Armonia mattress?

Yes, the Armonia mattress features a removable zipper that makes it easy to clean and maintain the mattress’ hygiene.