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magnigel dual firm cool gel mattress is in the bedroom

Magnigel Dual Firm Cool Gel Mattress

Organic Backpain Relieving Mattress

A Magnigel dual firm cool gel mattress offers lightness, freshness, and support, providing a subtle pleasure that relaxes your mind and satisfies your body. It presents a solution to nighttime overheating and discomfort associated with traditional foam mattresses. Individuals who struggle with heat retention and physical pain can now enjoy exceptional comfort, support, and breathability with this mattress featuring cooling gel-infused foam technology.
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21 cm (8 Inch)



Comfort Level

Medium Firm / Firm

Product Benefits

Dual core technology, Extra orthopedic support, Extra comfort, Embrassing, Unprecedented level of coolness and freshness

Internal Structure

Padding in Magnigel foam 1 cm, Memoform 1 cm and Super soft fibre, Elioform 15 cm, Memoform 2 cm, Magnigel foam 1 cm


10 years



Mattress Height :

20 cms (8" thick)

Warranty :

10 years

magnigel cool mattress inner layer

Materials used in Magnigel Dual Firm Mattress

Memoform inside the cool gel mattress


The Magnigel Dual Firm cool gel mattress contains Memoform filling. Magniflex designed these materials to be the most anatomically accurate. This material reacts to the body's weight, adapting perfectly to each contour for a sensation of well-being. The Memoform has beneficial effects on the spine, allowing it to relax for a comfortable sleep experience.

Eliofoam for cooling mattress


This cool gel mattress also includes Elioform, a pure orthopedic, non-deforming, supportive foam with a high-density microcellular structure for maximum breathability.

Magnigel-Foam inside cooling mattress

Magnigel Foam

Magnigel Foam is a critical component of the mattress, made up of a highly breathable and flexible gel. This innovative material is ecological and crushproof, and its high-density structure makes it incredibly soft and comfortable. The Magnigel Foam provides a fresh and cool sensation, making you feel like sleeping on a cloud.

Cool Gel Infusion for Enhanced Comfort:

Cool gel mattresses are designed to provide a cooler sleeping experience, which is particularly beneficial for those who feel excessively warm during sleep. The gel-infused foam material is environmentally friendly, crush-proof, and boasts a high-density structure that ensures both softness and comfort. This material often appeals to buyers seeking increased support and a more comfortable night’s rest.

Breathability and Ventilation:

The unique structure of the cool gel mattress promotes improved air circulation and breathability, helping you maintain a cooler temperature throughout the night. Rigorous testing has shown that gel-infused foam technology effectively regulates mattress temperature, preventing rapid heating and facilitating quicker cooling than other foam types. This enhanced breathability improves airflow, resulting in a refreshing sleep experience.

Benefits of Cooling Gel Mattresses:

Cooling gel mattresses offer many benefits contributing to overall sleep quality and well-being. By addressing nighttime overheating, they create an optimal sleep environment. These mattresses also excel in motion isolation, ensuring minimal disturbances even when your sleep partner moves. Furthermore, their heat transfer capabilities help prevent discomfort caused by your partner’s body heat.

Advanced Materials and Design:

The Magniflex Magnigel dual firm cool gel mattress is built with advanced materials and technology that cater to different preferences and sleeping styles. Its dual-core technology enables personalized comfort by allowing you to adjust the firmness of the mattress according to your needs. This innovative approach ensures both partners can enjoy their preferred level of support.

Innovative Foam Technologies:

The mattress’s composition includes a variety of foam technologies that contribute to its comfort and support levels:

Gel-Infused Foam:

This layer draws away heat, maintaining a cool and fresh sleep surface.

Memory Foam (Memoform):

Patented memory foam material conforms to your body, offering pressure relief and spinal support.

Super Soft Fiber:

Provides additional comfort and plushness.

Foam (Elioform):

Orthopedic and highly breathable, it ensures optimal spine support during sleep.

inside of gel foam mattress

Hygiene and Maintenance:

The Magniflex Magnigel Dual firm cool gel Mattress is designed with hygiene and easy maintenance in mind. Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergy features help mitigate skin issues, which is particularly important during warmer months. The mattress cover, made of natural cellulose-based fibre, absorbs and disperses moisture evenly, contributing to a cool and comfortable sleep environment.

A new era of comfortable and refreshing sleep:

This mattress tackles overheating concerns, enhances breathability, and promotes an optimal sleep environment by incorporating advanced gel-infused foam technology. Its thoughtful design, innovative foam technologies, and dual-core adjustability make it a standout choice for those seeking cool comfort and restful sleep. Say goodbye to restless nights and experience the tranquillity of a mattress that keeps you comfortably cool and well-rested.

Frequently asked questions by our customers:

A cool gel mattress includes gel-infused memory foam to address the issue of heat retention in traditional memory foam mattresses. The gel helps dissipate heat, making the mattress feel cooler and more comfortable for sleep.

No, Gel mattresses are designed to feel cooler than traditional memory foam mattresses. The gel-infused layers help dissipate heat, preventing excessive warmth during sleep. While they provide a cooler sensation, they won’t make you feel cold; they aim to create a more comfortable sleeping temperature.

Yes, gel mattresses can be beneficial. They offer improved temperature regulation for better sleep, conform to your body for enhanced comfort, and provide relief from pressure points. However, personal preferences vary, so testing and finding what suits you best is essential.

Cooling gel offers various benefits, including temperature regulation for better sleep, reduced inflammation and pain relief, skin care rejuvenation, enhanced comfort, and relaxation. It can also help with night sweats and energy efficiency.

A well-maintained gel mattress can last around 8 to 10 years. Regularly rotating the mattress, using a supportive foundation, and following manufacturer guidelines for cleaning and maintenance can help extend its longevity.

Yes, Due to the added cooling technology, they might be slightly more expensive than traditional memory foam mattresses. 

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