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Ergo Tre Electric Bed

Ergo Tre Electrical Bed

The Ergo Tre Electric bed fixed adjustable base created by Magniflex consists of a structure in silver beechwood and ergonomically shaped plates that help to distribute the body’s weight evenly on the entire surface.


Wireless, Ergonomic plates for differentiated support of the body, Customized firmness adjusters, Corner bumpers, Rubber shock absorbers, Mattress retainers, and Separate adjustment of the height of the head, shoulders, torso, and legs.

The bed base in the double version can be ordered as a single support surface or as two separate bases to be placed side by side. Starting with the size dimensions of 160x190cm. Each part moves independently of one other (order cable Y for the single movement mechanism).

SUPPORTING FRAMEThe plates distribute the weight evenly over the entire surface occupied by your body while lying down and special shock absorbers respond to the body’s weight based on key pressure points. The firmness adjusters on the plates allows you to adjust the firmness of the adjustable base based on your individual preferences, so that you have adequate support and can enjoy a refreshing and rebalancing rest. Thanks to the double joints and the handy remote control, you can independently adjust the height (and therefore the type of comfort) of the head, shoulders, torso and legs.
MATTRESS RETAINERSThe retainers at the bottom of the adjustable base keep the mattress by sliding off the bed base.   
MOTOR UNITThe motor built into each adjustable base allow it to easily lift up to 110/120 kg. The motor allows you to separately adjust the height of the head and legs.                         
PERIMETER STRUCTUREThe adjustable base consists of a silver-colored beechwood structure. The height of the frame is 7×2.5cm. In addition, there is a bumper around the rounded corners to smoothen out the hard edges and protect the shins.   
SUPPORT LEGSThe single and double version are supported by 4 legs each 30cm in height.
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Electric bed
Ergo tre electrical bed

Electric Beds- A new sleep revolution

Electric beds are particular kinds of beds designed for ultra comfort and to prevent several medical issues. Electric bed let you change the bed’s height and position of your upper and lower bodies. There are special features in electrical beds that differentiate them from regular or adjustable beds. Let’s take a look at the various advantages these beds have to offer.

What are electrical beds used for, and what are their features?

To provide their end-users with the most comfortable and tranquil experience possible, electric beds come in a variety of styles and with a variety of functions. The basic elements of any electric adjustable bed will be the same, but more expensive models also include extra, uncommon features that add to the luxury. One of the better examples at hand right now is the Ergo Tre. Here are a handful of these beds’ distinguishing qualities:

Foot and Head Adjustments

Head and foot adjustments are the essential characteristics of all progressive electrical beds. Electric beds provide the adaptability to adjust to the most privileged positions to satisfy various user-specific situations and requirements through head & foot adjustments.

Inbuilt motors and legs

All electrical beds include legs that offer a raised bed height. Additionally, you also get inbuilt motors for smooth and seamless movement and positioning of the bed base.

Wireless Control

For the convenience of the user, all-electric beds incorporate wireless remote controls. The wireless remotes boost overall comfort by allowing user control from wherever in the bedroom and also give persons with limited mobility more independence.

Benefits of using electric beds

Customers who purchase electric beds receive a variety of advantages. They serve as a showcase for modern luxury and comfort. However, when it comes to the advantages, Magniflex’s electric beds are only slight improvements. They could stop a variety of health problems. The best presents provided by electrified beds are as follows:

Reduce Back Pain

With an adjustable bed, painful medical disorders like sciatica that are brought on by the compression of nerves at the base of the spine can be significantly alleviated. A surface for your back to rest on can be made by adjusting the mattress at the foot and head positions. The sciatic nerve is less stressed as a result of the spine’s cushioning. 
Sciatic nerve inflammation can be extremely painful when it occurs. 
The main culprits here are the spinal nerves that exit the spine and proceed to the buttocks and both legs. Lower back pain, leg and foot tingling, and prolonged leg pain can all be symptoms of inflamed sciatic nerves. Additionally, it can be avoided by using electric beds.

When it does, sciatic nerve inflammation can cause excruciating pain.

The nerves that start in the spine and travel to the buttocks and both legs are primarily to blame for this. Inflamed sciatic nerves can cause pain in the lower back, tingling in the legs and feet, and lingering leg pain. Electric beds can be used to prevent it as well.

Avoid and Treat Arthritis

An adjustable bed frame is a helpful tool when managing chronic arthritic pain and other similar discomforts. Try to relax stiff joints and areas by setting up the adjustable bed to remove the pressure and weight from the trouble spots and speed up the healing process.

Since most mattresses keep us lying flat, pain often worsens at night. Blood rushes to the area in regular beds. More blood equals higher pressure. An adjustable electric bed can help you defy gravity and relieve pressure points as you sleep. You can attempt various remedies, depending on where your pain is.

Treatment for Asthma, Snoring, and Sleep Apnea

People who sleep in a flat position snore the most. By sleeping in this posture, the neck puts pressure on the windpipe, which causes it to constrict and produce the obnoxious noise we all know as snoring. The bed’s movable structure allows the head to be raised to create enough gravity to relieve pressure on the windpipe and lessen snoring.

Similarly, sleeping on an adjustable bed frame that allows the head to be lifted can significantly diminish breathing-related issues like sleep apnea and asthma.

You can sleep at an angle on an adjustable bed frame, which improves airflow and opens nasal passageways for a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

Reduce heartburn and acid reflux

Heartburn and acid reflux can develop even if you do not go to bed with a full stomach. This is because when you sleep on a flatbed, and your stomach’s acid runs into your esophagus. The abnormal movement of acids causes acid reflux and heartburn. To stop stomach acid from traveling to the esophagus, experts advise inclining the head 5 to 6 inches. Even in the absence of symptoms, elevating the head with an adjustable bed lowers the risk of nocturnal heartburn and improves digestion as you sleep.


These are the benefits and features of an electrical bed. These beds can provide lots of health benefits with a touch of luxury. Therefore, if you are looking for the best and most relaxed sleep experience, an electric bed should be your first consideration.