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Exclusively Made In Italy


Tuscany, the land of fascination

Magniflex was born in Tuscany, a region blessed by the nature, where the beauty of the landscape has always inspired art and geniuses. It is a type of richness that could only influence corporate culture in a positive manner. Because, without a shadow of a doubt, rest is an art too.

The quality of materials and skills

Magniflex is a synonym of excellence. The company’s products have always been characterized by the real added value offered to the clients – the quality. This is possible because Magniflex uses 100% Italian materials and employs the skills of specialized technicians of more than 180 professionals that work side by side sharing their passion and know-how.

The “Made in Italy” that makes the world sleep

The artisan sensibility and the Italian genius creates unique products: that make “Made in Italy” the guarantee of a quality worldwide. Today, Magniflex is considered the spokesperson of the “made in Italy” rest in the world. Clients, wherever they are, know that they can find unparalleled passion and dedication when making Magniflex italian mattresses.

We sleep better in a better world

Magniflex has always worked in the name of environmental responsibility, while the company has reduced CO2 emissions thanks to the use of solar photovoltaic panels. The constant ecological commitment is also recognized through two certifications: OEKO-TEX ® CLASS I, that guarantees the absence of substances which are toxic and noxious for man and nature inside each component of the final product; GOTS which guarantees that the fabrics used in the Tuscany line are made of 100% organic materials. Magniflex is among the businesses that have decided to embrace the United Nations’ SDG project to develop a strategy for environmental improvement that is transparent and quantifiable at all levels within the company.